Treeing a Chicken

I recently went to one of my favorite writing spots in the area: Karoo Cafe. Instead of my usual morning routine, I went  late afternoon and stayed until Kurt was heading home, almost dusk.

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The cafe is located on a complex called Karoo Square. There are artist studios in use and for let, a furniture maker, gift shop, nursery and more. Free range chickens roam throughout.

I just assumed the complex had a coop until I saw them tucking themselves in that day.

expat life Pretoria Africa travel

There they went, one-by-one, hopping up the sloping trunk, settling into the branches of a tree. I looked around and saw the same parade on two other sloped-trunk trees nearby.  (I’m pretty sure these are Acacia trees, btw.)

expat life Pretoria Africa travel

I knew turkey roosted in trees, because they do so in the woods behind our house back in Pennsylvania. In fact, one of my favorite times at home is when a big summer storm arrives, and the roosting turkeys cackle in unison after each giant clap of thunder.

expat life Pretoria Africa travel

Thought you would enjoy these treed chickens with me.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.

Love, Marla

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  1. I guess the word of advice might be “be careful the acacia tree under which you spread your picnic blanket!”

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