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Heritage Day: Tongues of Their Mothers

travel Heritage Day South Africa 2015

I had so many ideas for a Heritage Day post today, but then I fell in love with a poem, and that made the decision for me. Happy Heritage Day, readers. Following are a few photos of some beautiful South African ladies I know (and one lovely South African man) wearing traditional garments to celebrate […]

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My Kind of Patriot

Today’s post is a follow-up on a post I wrote in 2012, 11 years after the terrorist attacks in America. You’re welcome to read the original here, but it is mostly captured again in the words below, leading up to the 2015 extension at the end. This post is not about conspiracy theories, or blame, […]

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In Defense of Car Guards

What is the African name for Pretoria

Some people have asked me about “car guards” in South Africa, since I’ve mentioned them a time or two. This is a group of individuals I care about, and among whom I have very good friends, so here is my answer, along with my disappointment in those who look down on them… *A “car guard” […]

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An Old Fisherman in Mozambique and Glória de Sant’Anna

travel Africa Mozambique fisherman

I just wanted to share a few photographs from our recent Mozambique travels, along with this poem, by a beautiful writer I only learned about today. Her name is Glória de Sant’Anna.  I want to thank Luis R. Mitras, who works for the European Division of the University of Maryland University College, for his beautiful […]

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Pardon Me, but Your Balls are the Wrong Color!

playing pool in other countries travel South Africa

Welcome to another post on “Tuesdays in Tshwane,” where I give you a little slice of life around the capitol city of Pretoria (nka Tshwane) South Africa.

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Nigerian Christmas Carols

travel Nigerian Christmas Carol South Africa

Videos of a few of my Nigerian friends, who also live here in South Africa.

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Winning a Penguin… in My Lucky Hat

travel Dubai UAE Ski

Okay, so I didn’t win the penguin itself, but there were penguins involved! Last Christmas, as I mentioned yesterday, we spent the day at Ski Dubai. Well, that funky wonderland, Ski Dubai, has a penguin show, and they give away penguin art at the end of their show. The art is actually made by the […]

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The Snowman of Dubai

travel Ski Dubai UAE

Sounds like he should be some sort of secret agent man, this “Snowman of Dubai.” Actually he’s simply a snowman, built by some fun visitors at Ski Dubai. This indoor snow park is located inside one of the largest malls in the world, The Mall of the Emirates. We spent last Christmas in Dubai, and […]

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Our Tent Mansion

travel Africa camping

We’re going camping this weekend. Just a couple nights in Limpopo Province, so I can finally see that big ol’ baobab tree with a bar in it where we originally planned to celebrate my birthday back in September. But with everything on that September trip list, we just didn’t make the baobab. We’re decked out […]

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Aren’t You Coming With…?

I’m inviting you (or, at least, a Flat Stanley version of you) to come on our next adventure, happening in just a few short weeks! It’s one of our bucket list items and I think you might enjoy seeing your head on a travel-size cut-out in front of what we’re going to see. You have […]

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