Resurrecting the Bare-Bottomed Zebra

Have you ever heard of a “quagga?” What’s black, and white, and red all over? Answers to these questions within my newly published essay at travel website, iExplore! Click here (or the photo above) to join me as I search for these “extinct” zebra, the elusive pygmy falcon, and capture a bit of travel photography … More Resurrecting the Bare-Bottomed Zebra

When a Bird Challenges Your Car, You…

Welcome to another segment of “Tuesdays in Tshwane,” bits and pieces of our life living on the outskirts of South Africa’s capitol City, Pretoria (nka Tshwane.) These segments aren’t intentionally all about birds, but they certainly are abundant and varied here, so they do play a large part of our frequent encounters. We had an … More When a Bird Challenges Your Car, You…

World Post Day…is On Strike!

Okay maybe not the whole world, but our area of South Africa is into the 3rd month a renewed postal strike which has apparently been in stages of delivery then protest off and on for…3 years!?!?. The love letters I sent Kurt while I was home in Pennsylvania have been in no-man’s land (or destroyed, … More World Post Day…is On Strike!

The Whales at Bientang’s Cave, Hermanus

My column this month for Expat Focus shares with you part of our great Cape Town excursion last year, including a visit to Hermanus. I enjoyed writing the column, as always, and I hope you will have even more enjoyment reading it. Please follow the link below to read the column. The Whales at Bientang’s … More The Whales at Bientang’s Cave, Hermanus