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Travel inspires me creatively. Depending on the journey, I find my outlet in essay, poetry, or photography, and I am grateful to publishers who include my work as part of their collections. For years I was told to “stay in your lane” as a writer. (Don’t mix genres, don’t mix mediums, and certainly don’t mix styles!) I think the advice is outdated. I think we want more as readers, and we’ve evolved our tastes (and our filters) to allow for that variety. So my response to “stay in your lane” is “let’s leave the road behind.”

Some individuals are surprised at how often that I—an arthritic, middle-aged, woman of girth—travel solo. As though, somehow, solo travel is the sole domain of the youthful, the well-built, or the male. Maybe it’s unusual, but I don’t think it should be. I hope that one by one my journeys inspire other atypical solo adventurists.

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During my solo expeditions I’m never truly alone. My readers, my friends, and my family are always on my mind. Some of you want to go with me, and others just want to read about it. For those who are ready to go, I decided to create a new kind of travel business to recreate those same wonderful journeys for you.

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