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Look Who’s Coming to Botswana!

flat stanley contest travel africa

It was a tie! I had such a difficult time picking from the great entries for the Flat Traveler Botswana contest that I ended up choosing two!

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Come With Me to Botswana?

Africa travel contest flat stanley

We’re going to try our hand at real bush camping, in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. No fences. No bathrooms. No showers. Just a couple crazy Americans and a shovel to dig a loo. Want to come? You might die. You might get eaten.

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Pardon Me, but Your Balls are the Wrong Color!

playing pool in other countries travel South Africa

Welcome to another post on “Tuesdays in Tshwane,” where I give you a little slice of life around the capitol city of Pretoria (nka Tshwane) South Africa.

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The Pee Poem

flat stanley

Did you figure out where we’re going yet? I’m giving the final clues in today’s post. The following map is one: I’m also announcing the winner of the last contest for creating another special Flat Stanley. Congratulations to Leo R, of WalktoRio2016, who won the contest with this memorable entry: Morning Dew I woke up […]

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Aren’t You Coming With…?

I’m inviting you (or, at least, a Flat Stanley version of you) to come on our next adventure, happening in just a few short weeks! It’s one of our bucket list items and I think you might enjoy seeing your head on a travel-size cut-out in front of what we’re going to see. You have […]

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NaNoFlatMo? What Month is it, Anyway?

vicarious travel Africa

Good grief! I saw a recent WordPress announcement that November is National Blog Posting Month. NaBloPoMo. Seriously? I guess that’s a thing now. In fact, it seems anything is a *thing* and every month is something-or-other-month. So I’m adding my own. In honor of the winners (yes, two people tied for first place!) of the […]

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Join Me on My Next Adventure!

travel Maldives vicarious

It’s Sunday! What are you doing today? Today’s the last day to enter my Before & After Contest. All you have to do is organize and clean something. Anything. It can be as small as a desktop, or a refrigerator, or as large as a whole room. BE CREATIVE! Be sure to send me BEFORE […]

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A Coalition of Cheetah and a Poesy of Parks’

family definition great grand aunt

My husband reminded me that after I posted about the 5 cheetah we saw in The Kruger, I never came back to tell you what a group of male cheetah are called. A “coalition.” A coalition of cheetah. When I first heard the word, I thought our heavily accented guide was saying “a collision of […]

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My Uncle Bob’s Bear

travel Pennsylvania black bear

I know. I know. It’s misleading. My Uncle Bob does not have a bear…at least, not a bear he owns. But a bear does visit my Uncle Bob’s back yard, and therefore, he “has” a bear. Uncle Bob’s back yard is a clearing in the woods. Most of my family are rural Pennsylvanians, and black […]

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White Eggs and Ham, American I Am

travel Africa

The title of this month’s Expat Focus column was based on an entertaining chase to track down as close to American-style Easter fare as I could find. As this is our first Easter in South Africa, I picked several people to invite who have never heard of some of our American traditions. Please follow this […]

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