Jo’burg to Addis Ababa to Dubai

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Well that’s pretty much a title I never thought I would write. My first foray playing International Travel Agent went pretty well for our big anniversary trip. We splurged on the long flights by upgrading to business class, and stuck to coach for flights four hours and under. But I still tried finding decent fares […]

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Lion-Panther Cub and Lower Sabie Magic! Big Baby Five, Part Five

expat life Pretoria where to see the big five South Africa travel what are the big five

You can always tell when I’m uninspired, or bored, or blocked, because it’s only then that I turn from basic story-telling mode to research mode, which usually then jogs me back into story mode. Today’s dabbling was to Quack the term “Leopard name etymology” because I’ve always been curious that “leo” is a lion, and […]

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Four Nipples, Five Cubs? Tired Lioness: Baby Big Five, Part Four

expat life Pretoria where to see the big five in South Africa travel

Have I mentioned how lucky we were during our trip to Kruger National Park? We not only saw the “Big Five” but the “Baby Big Five” as well. But it almost didn’t happen. We were happy with our trip, even though we had not seen any cheetah and only a couple lions at a distance […]

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The Battle at Kruger we Didn’t See (Baby Big Five, Part Three)

expat life Pretoria Africa travel where to see the big five in South Africa what are the big five

Kurt and I half-joked, half-wished to see a National Geographic moment during our recent trip to Kruger National Park, but I was secretly grateful we didn’t. I have a difficult time just watching anything resembling the circle of life on YouTube, and didn’t think I could really sit and watch it unfold live in front […]

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Gym Confrontation (and a Baby Elephant): Baby Big Five Part Two

expat life Pretoria Africa travel what are the big five where to see South Africa

I had an altercation at the gym this morning. Sort of. It was more like a one-sided lecture and me taking what I consider the “high road.” I wondered how I could combine this with the “Baby Big Five” post today, and realized that the same thing happened in Kruger. Sort of. We unintentionally frightened […]

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You Big Baby! (Five): Part One

expat life pretoria South Africa wildlife baby rhino

First, Congratulations to Valentine Logar, who wins the Rhino Bookmark from last week’s contest! Valentine, please message me via Facebook or email me at marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com with your mailing address. As I promised you earlier when I was posting about our “Big Five” sightings, this week is dedicated to the “Baby Big […]

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Kruger… for the Scenery

expat life Pretoria Africa travel sunrise sunset photography

“Just look for birds.” This was the advice of a new South African friend. The variety of birds In Kruger are abundant and interesting, and by looking for birds, we would not be disappointed if we didn’t see specific animals we hoped for. It was brilliant advice, and we found that it applies to scenery […]

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Something Happened on the Way to Kruger

expat life Pretoria Africal travel

If you don’t like the scenery in South Africa, just drive a little while. It will change. We were on our way to Kruger National Park, passing endless veld fires (pronounced “felt” fires for American ears), on flat or barely undulating hills, through crowded towns and littered settlements. At one point we were driving through […]

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Win a Rhino!

expat life Pretoria where to see the big five Africa travel best rhino conservation organizations

Not a real rhino, silly. But this adorable Rhino bookmark is for one of you, and once he’s yours you can always give him a name. All you have to do to enter is help me raise awareness for rhino conservation. Enter several times! Share this post at least one place, such as Facebook, Twitter, […]

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This is Not a Tibetan Mastiff: Big Five Part One

Anderson Cooper Tibetan Mastiff Chinese Zoo best places to see lions South Africa

If you regularly read the news, my title just told you what photo I’m posting today. For those who haven’t heard the absurdity, a Chinese Zoo was found to be (temporarily) scamming visitors by posing regular animals as exotic ones. An “African Lion” at the zoo was videotaped barking, because the zoo had replaced it […]

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