The Hue of You: Manuscript Monday

travel Vietnam

I saw I picked up some new followers recently. Welcome and thanks. I hope you enjoy the travel photos and random musings. Mondays I try to talk a little about my writing. Today’s post was inspired by a weekly photo challenge that WordPress created. Previously we’ve discussed defining moments, and you all blew me away […]

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Something Happened on the Way to Kruger

expat life Pretoria Africal travel

If you don’t like the scenery in South Africa, just drive a little while. It will change. We were on our way to Kruger National Park, passing endless veld fires (pronounced “felt” fires for American ears), on flat or barely undulating hills, through crowded towns and littered settlements. At one point we were driving through […]

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Treeing a Chicken

expat life Pretoria Africa travel

I recently went to one of my favorite writing spots in the area: Karoo Cafe. Instead of my usual morning routine, I went  late afternoon and stayed until Kurt was heading home, almost dusk. The cafe is located on a complex called Karoo Square. There are artist studios in use and for let, a furniture […]

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The World Through Your Eyes (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I haven’t done the weekly photo challenge in awhile, but when I saw the theme, I knew the photo I wanted to post. What caught my attention first was the man walking across the top of the billboard. I then noticed the contrast between the advertisement and the people below. I had only one chance […]

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The Same Wife Joke 100 Years Later? Coshocton: January 30, 1913

this day in history Coshocton Ohio historic newspaper 100 years ago

I love digging through historical newspapers. Usually I’m doing it when searching for one of my ancestors, but today I did it because I realized I haven’t done a “this date in history” lately and wanted to do something related to the place we’re in right now. So I turned to a January 30, 1913 […]

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Fear of Success is NOT the Same as Fear of Failure…But Fear is Still the Point

Fear of Success Fear of Failure Unknown

DAY 2 (FAILURE AND FEAR OF SUCCESS): Weigh-in. You might be thinking that a disappointing weigh-in led to giving up on sugar detox, but my problem is the opposite. A few years ago my weight was 262 pounds. I added cardio and changed nothing else about my lifestyle, eating or fitness. In about two and […]

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Starting Over. Sugar Detox Day 1: NO Excuses

balanced bites 21 day sugar detox flaws

I forgot. Dangit. I woke up this morning with an email from the Sugar Detox people welcoming me to Day 1 and I dropped several F*bombs before I remembered about slap bet resolution, which resulted in a few more F*bombs for forgetting that, too. 

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The Real Housewives of Washington County (Illumination Weekly Photo Challenge)

wood gathering pantless miner headlamp country living

You’ll also never see this in Country Living Magazine. Have a great weekend, friends! Love, Marla P.S. yesterday’s fitness: cardio warmup then weights with Trainer. I guess I don’t need to tell you what I did for today’s fitness, and I am not going to explain what happened to my pants.  

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Happy Veterans’ Day: Annin Flag Factory Tour, Part 2

Annin Flag Factory Tour Traveling Marla Coshocton Ohio American flag Ohio flag Annin flag

Happy Veterans’ Day, everyone! Today I’m going to include the remainder of the photos from my tour of the Annin Flag Factory in Coshocton Ohio, but first I wanted to start with this nice VFW sign near where I’m house-sitting this week.

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Foreign (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Hội An Việt Nam Pagoda Bridge Cầu Chùa

This week’s challenge from WordPress is on the word “Foreign.” It would be easy to just put up any of thousands of location photos I’ve taken, because anything not familiar is foreign. But what the word made me think of first was about Việt Nam and how many times that little country was occupied by other […]

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