Writing is Like Christmas Morning…at the Bates Motel

Some days, writing is like Christmas morning: I can’t wait to get up and unwrap all the gifts my brain left me during the night.

Of course, the way my brain seems to encode life and decipher events, I don’t always know if what I unwrap is going to be a lovely, knit cardigan or a roll of plastic sheeting and kill kit. This is probably why I’m often torn between how much I love writing non-fiction and how much I love writing (disturbingly morbid) fiction.

writing psychosis non-fiction fiction memoir
Manuscript revision at a guest house near Pretoria.

Fortunately for Manuscript Monday, my brain was uncharacteristically “normal” and I was up at 4am with fresh material for the last section of this book. I can’t wait to get this done and out the door so I can start asking my brain for (dead) puppies again. }:-\

Here’s to a productive week for all of us!

Love, Marla

5 thoughts on “Writing is Like Christmas Morning…at the Bates Motel

  1. what book are you working on? I am writing one as well about my 30 years of experiences in Africa. Would love to know more about yours.

  2. Augh! You’re reminding I need to get back to my writing too. I didn’t do any over the school holidays (no surprises there) but now the kids are back at school I need to knuckle down and get working.

    Love the rug BTW!

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