California Life: Part 1

I would move back here in a heartbeat. No question.

I’m glad we were able to live here for a year, while Kurt was working on the Santa Monica water project. We lived in the marina, about 3+ blocks from the beach, and Kurt’s assignment was mercifully only 8 hour days and real honest-to-goodness weekends off. It was a dream!

But I’m sure if we moved here, within a year or two we’d be itching for the 3.5 acres of woods, fresh spring water and little creek on our property back home.

And there is the little issue of affordability. We were only able to live in Marina del Rey because we were here on Kurt’s per diem, and opted to give up little things like food and nice outings in exchange for a really cool place to live.

Still, my heart leaps back and forth between the Pennsylvania and southern California.

No wonder people are “bi-coastal.” (Rich people.)

The next few days I will share photos of our once-upon-a-California life with you. Not the trips or mini vacations, but just our everyday living. Enjoy!

Love, Marla

P.S. My fitness today will be totally outdoors. Heading out for a walk on the beach, and a bike ride up the Venice strand.

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