Wish Me Luck: Training at Muscle Beach

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Sat watching builders yesterday, wondering if I could possibly get in that pen with so many tourists walking by. Guess I’ll find out in a couple hours…

Yikes! I have no idea what to expect from this morning.

I’m headed out to meet a trainer at Muscle Beach. I thought this might be a nice idea for a blog, but the closer I get to my training time, the more I wonder, “What the hell was I thinking? Swarms of tourists pass the training pen daily, stopping to snap photos of these Arnold-esque dudes, and I’m going to be in there, doing what…pumping peanuts?”

Oh gosh. Okay. I can do this. Really.

Not sure if I’ll get back in time today to post pics, or if it will be tomorrow, but…

Here. I. Go.

Love, Marla

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