The Prettiest Caterpillar in the World Tastes Like…

“Why are you taking photos of this one? He is for eating.” K.B. stepped back to remove his shadow from over my camera. Lying across a dirt trail near my campsite in southern Africa I was tracking the movements of a large caterpillar. Camera pressed to my face I waited for it to reappear from […]

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Kids Give the Best Answers Don’t They?

I asked a group of schoolchildren a simple question about South Africa. I couldn’t stop giggling at one little girl’s answer…

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Upcoming Events Spring 2018

2018 is shaping up to be a busy year. This year I want to take you to South Africa, Mozambique, Greece, and Ghana…

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Zimbabwe on Hold

flat stanley

Monday’s library program, Zim, Zam and the Smoke That Thunders, has been postponed until early 2018. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Week festivities! Meanwhile in southern Africa the country of Zimbabwe was put on hold while our friends there awaited the outcome of military activity (aka “coup-not-coup”) and the potential ouster of one-time hero-turned-President-turned-Autocrat: Robert Mugabe. The […]

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An American Life in South Africa: Presentation at the Library

expat life Pretoria Africa travel world elephant day

Back in the U.S.A., and hoping to share a few stories with you…in person! 3 great (and 1 silly) reasons to attend my presentation on South Africa at the Indiana Free Library next Thursday, July 12th! 1) You like to travel or dream of travel, and are curious what South Africa has to offer. 2) […]

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Go For the Flowers, Stay for the Ghost

Postberg Flowers travel South Africa

I had a lot of fun writing October’s column for the Expat Focus website, and I hope you have as much fun reading it: Go For the Flowers, Stay for the Ghost And, as always, a few extra photos just for you… Thanks for reading. The best compliment you can give is to share my […]

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Holy Happy-Sweat-Bees, Batman…Go a Fisa Thata!

travel South Africa Pretoria capital

It is insanely hot here in the capital of South Africa. No, really. I’m pretty sure a lot of us are losing our minds under this sun! We really need some rain right now. Meanwhile my friends in America’s Carolinas and elsewhere are underwater with some kind of thousand year storm. Oy! This planet is […]

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Can You Identify this African Bird?

Kruger National Park map south africa

I have to admit, this one had me stumped. Kurt and I were going through photos of our first trips to Kruger, in late winter/early Spring of 2013, and came across this photo I took of a pretty yellow-and-white bird in a bush. Having spent the last two years cramming birds of Southern Africa into […]

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The Way I Tour South Africa

best South African literature

My latest column is now online at Expat Focus. This month I write about literature as it relates to the way I travel. Please click here to read this month’s column, then come back here for a few snapshots of places I’ve been, inspired by books I’ve read.

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Pelicans at Nata Bird Sanctuary in Botswana

I didn’t retouch the photograph above. Sunset skies at Nata Bird Sanctuary in Botswana really were the color of cotton candy. Just thought I’d share a little beauty today, with these pelicans in the salt pans. Happy Thursday, and thanks for stopping by! Love, MarLa

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