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ArtDOG (Woof!)

Today’s the day!  Today, ONLY, is the day! I’ve written about Pittsburgh’s Day of Giving in previous years (here, and here), but today, 2 October 2014, is specifically for the arts. It’s called Arts Day of Giving (ArtDOG) and donations will be partially matched through The Pittsburgh Foundation. I love living in Africa, but oh […]

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The First Time You Drive Through a Tree…

travel America redwood forest drive through trees

If you’re anything like me, the first time you encounter a giant redwood tree, you’ll realize just how small you are, how young you are, and how your idea of “majestic” has suddenly changed. Because that tree, which is thousands of years old, is really something special. Our first drive-through tree was the Chandelier Tree, […]

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Chamizal National Memorial and “Persons in Between”

Welcome to Manuscript Monday! Tomorrow, February 4th, will be 40 years since Chamizal become part of the National Park Service (although it wasn’t until 1966 that it became Chamizal National Memorial). The once-disputed boundary lands of El Paso in the United States and Juarez, in Mexico now contain a peace memorial thanks to a treaty […]

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Doggles: The Latest in Fashion Accessories for Humans?

I was preparing a few posts for next week when I came across some old photos of the time we bought Baxter a pair of Doggles. Doggles are eyewear for dogs who like to hang their heads out car windows. I had been reading about retinal tears in the eyes of dogs enjoying fast highway […]

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It’s DNA Day! Is Marla a Skolt Saami from Scandinavia? Is She Related to Bono?

genetic mutation Factor V Leiden family tree genealogy

Has there ever been a BETTER reason to celebrate than DNA Day? Um, yeah, every other reason is better. DNA is boring, right? Well, kinda sorta maybe, but I’ve had fun with it. For instance, it was just lovely to find out about that hereditary blood-clotting mutation I have, the Factor V Leiden I told […]

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Thursday Travel and Thanks: Baxter-the-Dog and our California Adventures

Highway One, California coastline dog man happiness thankful gratitude quotes

It’s Thursday! Some thanks, some quotes and a photo from my travels. Today’s gratitude is for our wonderful labrador retriever, Baxter. The photo is from a drive up the California coast; Highway One. “You ask of my companions.  Hills, sir, and the sundown, and a dog as large as myself that my father bought me.  […]

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California Life: Part 1

Los Angeles Venice Marina del Rey Southern California living life surreal

I would move back here in a heartbeat. No question. I’m glad we were able to live here for a year, while Kurt was working on the Santa Monica water project. We lived in the marina, about 3+ blocks from the beach, and Kurt’s assignment was mercifully only 8 hour days and real honest-to-goodness weekends […]

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Three Dog Nights With Only One Dog and a Cat

While we wait for the contractor to tell us when he can dig a new gas pipeline from the road to the house, I am working on keeping my mood from getting too sour by reading and spending more quality time with my “fur blankets.” I did weights and interval training with my Trainer today, […]

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A Coshocton Photo Blog from Baxter the Dog

dog friendly places Coshocton Ohio Baxter blog

Baxter says I can share some of his favorite Coshocton photos for today’s blog. I wish you could hear him the way I do. I hear his voice as a cross between Patrick the starfish from Spongebob, and Droopy the Dog; in other words the oafy quality of Patrick, but the wise and exhausted tone […]

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Meeting Clara and Ringing in 2013 with a ‘stache and ‘jama Party

New Year's Eve theme party moustaches pajamas

I got slapped 24 times yesterday. This F*bomb resolution is tough! It’s taking a bit longer to go through all the December posts to make sure each of your entries get into this RZA drawing, so I need one more day to make sure I include you all properly! In the meantime, I thought I’d […]

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