Starting Over. Sugar Detox Day 1: NO Excuses

Balanced bites sugar detox program flaws
A late night dinner of sauce-laden fried wings on a long drive home from Ohio last weekend just doesn’t look as good on me as I’d like, but I think this is the perfect place for a less than ideal photo of me.

I forgot.

Dangit. I woke up this morning with an email from the Sugar Detox people welcoming me to Day 1 and I dropped several F*bombs before I remembered about slap bet resolution, which resulted in a few more F*bombs for forgetting that, too. 

I’m not allowing it to be a reason to postpone the detox, however, even though it’s the worst possible time to start this. I have to get the writing and synopsis overnighted for the California conference, and get the Jeep inspected (long story) and go figure out what training package to sign up for at a new gym in PA (I’ve decided to either alternate weeks between Ohio and Pennsylvania or just completely switch to Pennsylvania – still trying to figure it out) and get the taxes done for 2011 and the taxes done for 2012 and, and, and…

And I thought, “Isn’t it always like this?” Isn’t it always the worst possible time to do anything new? I’m a planner and a person who always has too many commitments.  But sometimes I think the planning is just another excuse to avoid actually doing. Making lists of lists of lists is motivating, but when do I switch from motivation to action?

Balanced bites sugar detox program flaws
The last of my almond butter which I scraped from the lid with a spoon. A little tastier than the bottom of the barrel.

I’ve made a change with fitness that is permanent. I’ve allowed something positive to become an addiction, and wake up every day looking forward to an hour of cardio. I get sad when it isn’t weights day because I love lifting even more than I love cardio. Somehow I managed to make that switch in my brain that fitness and training are necessary loves in my life. Obsessions, even.

I’m not ready to start this program, but I’m going to do it anyway. It’s going to be hard and I have basically no ingredients from the YES list, which in itself is a powerful statement of the health of my pantry and refrigerator.

The only item I had acceptable to eat was the bottom of a tub of almond butter and a bag of walnuts. I scraped the last couple teaspoonfuls of it and scraped the lid clean. I won’t be able to go shopping until after the Jeep inspection this afternoon, and I’m busy all morning with preparing the conference stuff, so it’s time to suck it up, live on nuts and the non-fruit half of a cottage double and get a few days worth of protein and vegetables at the store today.


Complaint #2 about the 21-Day Sugar Detox program:

Balanced Bites sugar detox program
Really? I may need to PREPARE? This email arriving on Day 1 of START Day? Brilliant!

(see complaint Number One in my 21 Days Without Sex post) is that except for an initial email on the day I signed up, I got nothing from them again until today, start day. And do you know what else was in that stupid email? PLANNING IDEAS!

Are you f*bomb kidding me? (It doesn’t count if I say the word f*bomb instead of the actual word. It’s like substituting frak or fluff or shut the front door, only more entertaining for myself. Say it out loud: “Eff Bomb” – it just really doesn’t have the punch of any of those other substitutes, does it? I guess that’s my point there.)

Anyway, 21-Day Sugar Detox dipheads – are you f*bomb kidding me? You send a PLANNING tip on Day 1 of the program? How about a reminder with those planning tips 5-4-3-2-1 days ago?

Balanced bites sugar detox program flaws
Sadly, my house does not have ANY of these vegetables on hand, unless you count my daily V8 (which btw does not count for the program).

I won’t let it stop me, because I need to make this program about me and my success, instead of allowing it to be de-railed by a less-than-ideal program put together by well-meaning health nuts who clearly don’t have the OCD skills to launch themselves into a much more powerful arena of success by not overinundating their followers with *stuff* in lieu of more simple (and effective) planning.

Maybe this grumpy lack of sugar will be a good thing for me. Perhaps this it the time to also work on my second resolution of disagreeing with people, and also my annoying lack of boundaries (long story for another time).

Day 1…Here we go.

Love, Marla

Writing Challenge: Starting Over

P.S. Yesterday’s workout was a screamingly awesome hour of elliptical at the Mon Valley Health Complex on Rt. 51 after having a free training consultation as part of membership:

balanced bites 21 day sugar detox flaws
Does a spoonful of sugar make the medicine go down or does a spoonful of sugar cause a need for medicine?

5 thoughts on “Starting Over. Sugar Detox Day 1: NO Excuses

  1. Go Marla!!! Whooo!! You’re doin’ it! Yeah – nuts and seeds to snack on…become a label reader…write about it. Love your almond butter photo…keep us laughing and good luck with the synopsis…

  2. I am glad to say that our house usually has many of those things on the list, most of the time. =D It wasn’t always like this–it *is* possible. =) (Wait for it…): YOO CAN DOOWEET!!

  3. I’m not sure I could do a sugar detox! I’m a firm believe in not having to eliminate anything! It’s a way of life. Just eat clean and from the earth. Treat yourself in moderation, along with exercise. Either way, you sound like you have a plan! Go for it!!

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