Wish Me Luck: Training at Muscle Beach

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Yikes! I have no idea what to expect from this morning. I’m headed out to meet a trainer at Muscle Beach. I thought this might be a nice idea for a blog, but the closer I get to my training time, the more I wonder, “What the hell was I thinking? Swarms of tourists pass […]

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“Protein Makes Me Gag!” (is What She Said)

protein deficiency dehydration weight training fitness nutrition

Come on. Seriously? Quit being so juvenile. This is a FITNESS post. I had absolutely no intention of suckering you into yet another nonsexual post with a sneakily-titled innuendo. According to my trainer and my online coach, I need a LOT more protein and water. It’s not the first time I’ve been told to eat […]

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Drop Sets, Sex Swings, S&M Gyms and Surprise Packages

weight training gym personal trainer bench press goal

Okay, to be clear, it wasn’t a sex swing. And I never really thought it was, but seeing it hanging there by the window of the gym on a day last week when Kurt and I were working out together did spark my imagination in a few exciting ways, one of which was a gym […]

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Who Fails on Day 2 !?!?!?

sugar detox failure weight training fitness cardio

Me. Apparently. me. I know what triggered the collapse after only a day and a half of no sugar, and while it was a brutally emotional week last week, it’s not all bad. Let me tell you how it went…

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Starting Over. Sugar Detox Day 1: NO Excuses

balanced bites 21 day sugar detox flaws

I forgot. Dangit. I woke up this morning with an email from the Sugar Detox people welcoming me to Day 1 and I dropped several F*bombs before I remembered about slap bet resolution, which resulted in a few more F*bombs for forgetting that, too. 

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Choosing the End Game: Muzzleloader Shoot

black powder shooting gun horn totem pole centaur dream catcher

Kurt and I finally picked the 20th game (although not necessarily last) in the 2012 Druzgal Olympics: a Muzzleloader Shoot.

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Screw Your C-

enter ingredients get recipe

. I can’t move my legs this morning, but I’m still hopping mad. Okay, not so much mad as disappointed. I used one of these recipe calculator sites and it counted my ingredient, raw honey, as a C-. I’ve been trying several recipe counters, and honey always comes up as a negative item. Overall, the […]

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Doing the “Right Thing”… Which “Right” is Right? (Today’s REAL post)

hoarding doing the right thing decisions fitness relationships

Dangit WordPress! I did not want to re-publish my Hoardzilla posts! I changed the status from private to public and hit “update” so I could link them here and this stupid, idiotic site re-published them and blasted them at my subscribers. I’m very sorry folks. I hate when people post more than once a day, […]

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There Can Be Only One…(Except When There Are Two)

board game competition There can be only one Highlander Kurgan's Theme Gimme the Prize

The 2012 Druzgal Olympics have begun! Help us choose a new game!

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There’SNOW Place Like Home

winter woods heavy wet snow

I’m grounded. Between the snow and the forecast, the master of the house says “stay.” That’s a tough call for him to make, because he hates being alone even more than I, but we can’t drive together since I need to be back to get the Jeep inspected this weekend.

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