I’m Proud to be a Rhinoceros!

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I am a rhinoceros. I realized that just a few hours ago, and I love it! Let’s settle one thing first. If you read that title and in any way think, “Aww, shame” or have any kind of pity that I would think of myself as a rhino, then you and I are different creatures […]

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Complimenting Fat People at the Gym (RANT FRIDAY!)

FFC Fitness Union Station Chicago IL

Welcome to RANT FRIDAY! Today’s rant is thanks to Leanne, of Weigh to Health, and her friend Becca, of Between Wander and Wonder, who wrote a beautiful post titled “I Am Guilty of Gymming While Fat.” Their posts spurred my own conversation today, and I think this type of discussion does best when as many […]

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I Can Bench Press Your Mama

bodybuilding strength training women in the gym

Okay, so I can’t bench press your Mama, unless she’s a petite woman who weighs 110 pounds or less, in which case, yes. Yes, I can, in fact, bench press your Mama. Yup. My new one-rep max on the bench press is 50kg, or 110 pounds. (See video below. And no, it’s not assisted. He […]

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We Fall And We Get Back Up

guest post blog Traveling Marla South Africa move

Hey everyone my name is Colin and welcome to my guest post for Marla. I met Marla via each others’ blogs, mine being a fitness blog. After some time and many exchanges I ended up becoming her online coach for fitness and nutrition. Instead of writing a brand new post I decided to share one […]

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My Only Backslide Will be on a Slip ‘n Slide (Fitness Friday)

Fitness fat acceptance health wellness hard work lifestyle changes weight loss

No going back. No backslide. No relapse. Ha. No way. Of course I’ll have times I slip up, gain a pound when I’m not paying attention. But I’m talking about the “big stuff.” As I reach a smaller size, I am eliminating ALL the previous size clothes from my wardrobe. Most are being donated. Favorites […]

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Manuscript Monday: The Great Divorce

TWA wings pin playing cards flight perks

“D. I. V. O. R. C. E.” Can you hear Tammy Wynette singing that country song in your head? As I work on this section of the manuscript about the death of my father, I’ve been considering the word “divorce”: both the divorce of my parents; and the book titled The Great Divorce, which is […]

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Nutrition for Travel

You know your mindset toward fitness nutrition has changed when the first thing you pack for a trip is a softsided cooler with plenty of protein and electrolytes since you know the train and hotel store will just have junk. My “staples?”: coconut water for healthy electrolytes; ground almonds; protein powder and jerky for, well, […]

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“Protein Makes Me Gag!” (is What She Said)

protein deficiency dehydration weight training fitness nutrition

Come on. Seriously? Quit being so juvenile. This is a FITNESS post. I had absolutely no intention of suckering you into yet another nonsexual post with a sneakily-titled innuendo. According to my trainer and my online coach, I need a LOT more protein and water. It’s not the first time I’ve been told to eat […]

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Drop Sets, Sex Swings, S&M Gyms and Surprise Packages

weight training gym personal trainer bench press goal

Okay, to be clear, it wasn’t a sex swing. And I never really thought it was, but seeing it hanging there by the window of the gym on a day last week when Kurt and I were working out together did spark my imagination in a few exciting ways, one of which was a gym […]

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A Voldemort, by Any Other Name, Would Still Smell Like Fear?

Overcoming fear of success Change or Die

Today is the 3rd and final part of these posts about success, failure and the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I PROMISE that tomorrow and Friday will be SHORT and SWEET!! I’m also sharing some photos of a few little successes in my life to go with today’s post. Some of you recognize my posts for […]

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