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I’m Proud to be a Rhinoceros!

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I am a rhinoceros. I realized that just a few hours ago, and I love it! Let’s settle one thing first. If you read that title and in any way think, “Aww, shame” or have any kind of pity that I would think of myself as a rhino, then you and I are different creatures […]

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Climbing St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

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Welcome to Manuscript Monday, dear readers. Making an appearance late in my manuscript is St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. I climbed this cathedral in May, 2011 with a friend. It was a long climb just to the Whispering Gallery (259 steps) and I wasn’t there long before the fire alarm sounded and we were evacuated.   […]

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Up is Better Than Down

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“Tell the truth…” Kurt asked me, as we stood atop Table Mountain, looking down over the Atlantic Ocean and toward the Chapman’s Peak drive we would take later, “When did you want to quit?” I just smiled and turned back toward the view. It was a perfectly clear day. “Okay, I’ll go first.” He said, […]

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Stop and Smell the Flowers of Platteklip Gorge

expat life Pretoria South Africa travel Cape Town

Why hike Table Mountain? Why not? Here is a list of the personal reasons that made me wary of climbing Table Mountain: No cartilage in my right knee and a dwindling supply in my left = pain; bone spurs; knee catches An old, torn miniscus that was never repaired = pain; knee catches I’m obese. […]

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“Easy” my Arse!

expat life Pretoria Cape Town South Africa travel

We climbed Table Mountain. We chose the “easiest” route. “Easiest” does not mean “easy.” But it was worth every torturous moment. This was Kurt’s view for most of the climb: Just a preview of this and other Cape Town adventures throughout the coming weeks. Love, Marla

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Complimenting Fat People at the Gym (RANT FRIDAY!)

FFC Fitness Union Station Chicago IL

Welcome to RANT FRIDAY! Today’s rant is thanks to Leanne, of Weigh to Health, and her friend Becca, of Between Wander and Wonder, who wrote a beautiful post titled “I Am Guilty of Gymming While Fat.” Their posts spurred my own conversation today, and I think this type of discussion does best when as many […]

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Gym Confrontation (and a Baby Elephant): Baby Big Five Part Two

expat life Pretoria Africa travel what are the big five where to see South Africa

I had an altercation at the gym this morning. Sort of. It was more like a one-sided lecture and me taking what I consider the “high road.” I wondered how I could combine this with the “Baby Big Five” post today, and realized that the same thing happened in Kruger. Sort of. We unintentionally frightened […]

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I Can Bench Press Your Mama

bodybuilding strength training women in the gym

Okay, so I can’t bench press your Mama, unless she’s a petite woman who weighs 110 pounds or less, in which case, yes. Yes, I can, in fact, bench press your Mama. Yup. My new one-rep max on the bench press is 50kg, or 110 pounds. (See video below. And no, it’s not assisted. He […]

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My First Rugby Match: Be Still My Beating Heart!

*Warning: Today’s post contains implied foul language* Uh oh. I’m in love. (No, not with this guy, although I took his photo because I think I recognized him as a super-fan from a promo of Blue Bulls fans.) Not even with these guys… Nope. I’m in love with the sport itself. Don’t get me wrong. […]

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If Marla’s Blog were MINE!

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Well since Marla is moving and super busy I have been recruited to do a bit of a guest blog and make Marla’s blog mine for a day. Cue maniacal laughter… muahahahaha. No but really. I’ve been following Marla for a while now and we comment back and forth, she is such a source of […]

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