Choosing the End Game: Muzzleloader Shoot

black powder shooting gun horn totem pole centaur dream catcher
My muzzleloader and powder horn. Yee-haw!

Kurt and I finally picked the 20th game (although not necessarily last) in the 2012 Druzgal Olympics: a Muzzleloader Shoot.

If you don’t know what the Druzgal Olympics are, click on the words and it’ll take you to the introductory post. We really considered your wonderful suggestions and you got us thinking on next year’s lineup. In the meantime, after considering something we both enjoy doing but don’t do often, we went with a muzzleloader target shoot.

(In case you’re wondering, the Druzgal Olympics often carry into the next year, since our anniversary is on December 31st and we don’t always start early enough.)

Let’s not kid ourselves. This is hands-down a Kurt-favored event. He has much better eye-hand coordination than I. He likes to say we’re even odds for this event by reminding me that once, at the Dayton Sportsman’s Club while shooting at a target of Osama bin Laden, I won a frozen chicken.

I like to remind him that I got lucky, that I was also trying to blow my head off by chugging on a pack of Marlboro Lights while loading my black powder, and that the target was a picture of a bear. I completely missed the bin Laden target altogether. The only thing my target had when pulled off the mount was a nicked corner, so needless to say, Seal Team 6 has not been knocking at my door.

But it did feel cool to win a frozen chicken, even if I felt like an imposter among my own relatives. I like to think that since we have 8 Revolutionary Patriots in our family tree, and I come from a family that makes their own muzzleloaders and powder horns, that black powder shooting is in my DNA.

It doesn’t work like that. At least not for this four-eyes.

But I do like shooting black powder. Feels so 1776 or something. And who knows. Maybe there really might be a trickle of DNA memory after all.

So…Game on, Kurt. Game on.

Love, Marla, the mighty-frozen-chicken-winner

weight training cardio elliptical
Enjoying my accountability to my readers through posting my daily fitness success. Yesterday I had an amazing weight-training session. I blasted through my hour and was well into my second when Kurt reminded me it was time to go. I think it might have been the first time I was “in the zone” lifting weights. It felt amazing!

5 thoughts on “Choosing the End Game: Muzzleloader Shoot

  1. That’s a fun competition idea, Marla! Just don’t turn this particular one into a drinking game. If you want to borrow my Nintendo to play Mortal Kombat, just ask. That’s probably Kurt-favored too. Kurt wouldn’t win, though, if the Druzgal Olympics featured an event wherein you had to sing songs with lists, like the 50 states or 12 apostles. I’ve heard you, and you’re pretty good.

  2. Yaaay! Good choice…It never even occurred to me to suggest that as an event. Way to think outside the powder keg! Not sure who to root for on this event, you are my sister, but there is the whole machismo thing….ahhh who am I kidding, GO KURT!! sorry sis

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