Doing the “Right Thing”… Which “Right” is Right? (Today’s REAL post)

hoarding doing the right thing decisions fitness relationships
I have a decent range of weights for free weights, since I’m not that strong yet. But nothing is as good as being in the gym.

Dangit WordPress! I did not want to re-publish my Hoardzilla posts! I changed the status from private to public and hit “update” so I could link them here and this stupid, idiotic site re-published them and blasted them at my subscribers. I’m very sorry folks. I hate when people post more than once a day, and now with this, my official post today, I’ve three-peated you. I’m very sorry about that! (That said, I did get some nice comments and a great email with suggestions so maybe the re-posting was a blessing in disguise.)

Here is today’s official post:

I’m at a crossroads with both my fitness and my duties at home right now. Everything is impacted by how I decide to move forward…




1. The House “Right” Thing

hoarding doing the right thing decisions fitness relationships
South Africa. I have been drooling for Kurt to take this assignment for years. I can’t believe we’re finally six months away from going!

The “right” thing to do for preparing for our move to South Africa is to stay in Pennsylvania and spend every evening working on sorting, packing, donating, cleaning etc. (in case you’re wondering why it will take me six months to prep the house for moving, you must not have been here for my early blogs about being Hoardzilla.) I say evenings because I have a pretty strict writing schedule now which takes up most of the workday.

But doing this “right” thing as it relates to our house prep would mean only seeing Kurt on weekends. And if you have read along through my posts about co-dependency and separation anxiety, you know that it’s difficult for me to be away from him. He’s still my best friend and I like being around him pretty much more than anything in the whole world.

And doing this “right” thing also means I give up my trainer and gym in Coshocton, Ohio. It means either going without a gym and trainer and risking sliding back in all my weight training progress since my only tools at home are a treadmill and some free weights, or driving 30 minutes a day to L.A. Fitness, paying for another gym membership and starting over with a new trainer.


2. The Fitness “Right” Thing

hoarding doing the right thing decisions fitness relationships
My daily shake ingredients. Sometimes I change it up a little, but these are my favorites.

Ideally, since my membership is already paid and I already have a trainer who knows how far I can be pushed and knows the issues with my knee, the “right” thing to do for fitness is to be in Coshocton every week and just try to get as much done at our house on weekends when we come home.

The “right” thing is having a gym that’s nearby and convenient (unlike the 30 minutes I would have from home). There’s minimal driving and little to no distractions from a daily routine there involving fitness and writing.

When we live away from home, I set up our rental place to encourage good habits. In other words, I have my blender there and my ingredients for a daily healthy shake after my morning workout, and my pot for daily green tea, and a slow cooker for evening meals, but there aren’t all sorts of pots and pans or even ingredients for making a lot of unhealthful choices.


hoarding doing the right thing decisions fitness relationships
This is the honey I’m using right now. My favorite is raw honey still in the comb. It’s more expensive but worth it. My dad kept bees and I couldn’t wait for special times when we got the honey AND comb together.


3. The Relationship “Right” Thing


hoarding doing the right thing decisions fitness relationships
On our camping trip to Yosemite a couple years ago.

For us, our “right” thing is being together.

Okay, maybe Kurt and I are a little co-dependent, but we are that couple who is better together than apart. Even though being in Coshocton with him only gives me evenings with him, it lowers both our stress levels to have evenings, and now that he has begun working out with me after work, it’s even more incentive to be there together.

And since our weekends together generally consist of working on house prep, those Coshocton evenings are often the best quality time.


4. Which “Right” is Right?

I don’t know what I’m going to decide. Rather, I don’t know what Kurt and I will decide, since we figure these things out together. I know that all of these are important and maybe there’s a compromise in there, of 3 days in Coshocton and 4 days home to get the best of both.

That, of course, means working out an even messier arrangement with our house-sitters, who have already been accommodating our inconsistent schedule. I don’t know how they would feel about 4-day weekends, or how I would feel about cohabitating with them (or they with me).

Okay, well that’s my little dilemma for the day. Nothing but first world problems, I know.

Suck it up, Buttercup, and just make a decision already!

Love, Marla

P.S. As promised, here is my daily fitness accountability. Yippee ki-yay!

hoarding doing the right thing decisions fitness relationships
As I told you yesterday, I’m going to add a daily fitness icon if for no other reason than to make myself accountable to cyberspace. 😉

8 thoughts on “Doing the “Right Thing”… Which “Right” is Right? (Today’s REAL post)

  1. Numbers 2 and 3 kinda work together. After all if you don’t take care of yourself physically you not only risk not being around for each other but also just flat out having the energy to enjoy each other’s company! That said you do what’s best for you, only you can determine what’s most important for you, nobody else! I think if you really dig deep you know what the right answer is. Good luck!

    1. As usual, great advice. You should be a coach, Colin. I think it’s in your DNA to inspire people.

      Great article on Lifestyle & Strength today btw. I am planning on mentioning it when I do my New Year’s Resolutions post.

  2. You and your first world problems. 😉 I feel your pain, though It sucks when you’re trying to do something, like get into good, healthy habits (forever, not just for the time being) and life complicates it and makes it difficult (more than it needs to be). You’ll figure out something, be it not perfect, it’ll be whatever it is you guys need.

    Also, good idea with the fitness accountability icon…I might have to do something like it. I’m stealing all of your ideas. I AM STEALING YOUR LIFE. I AM YOU. WE ARE BORG. (‘scuse me.)

    1. Hahaha. “WE ARE BORG” – yes! (Maybe best comment ever there.) Seriously, steal away.
      It seems like there are always things trying to block progress but I’m so happy to be working through it and finding solutions and motivations. This is the first time I’ve forced myself to be so publicly accountable to my fitness. Knowing I have to post that makes me do it even when I don’t want to, because I know the results will have to match the posts.
      I’m thinking about adding food too, because that’s still a weakness.

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