Amtrakking the States and Trolling the SCWC!

Amtrak roomette train travel sleeper car

Seattle or San Antonio? Nebraska or New Orleans? Give me train travel any day over flying. I know it’s a luxury of time most people can’t afford. I call it an investment in modern anthropology and a writing desk on rails. I could tell you about all the people I meet, but then I’d spoil […]

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Screw Your C-

enter ingredients get recipe

. I can’t move my legs this morning, but I’m still hopping mad. Okay, not so much mad as disappointed. I used one of these recipe calculator sites and it counted my ingredient, raw honey, as a C-. I’ve been trying several recipe counters, and honey always comes up as a negative item. Overall, the […]

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Doing the “Right Thing”… Which “Right” is Right? (Today’s REAL post)

hoarding doing the right thing decisions fitness relationships

Dangit WordPress! I did not want to re-publish my Hoardzilla posts! I changed the status from private to public and hit “update” so I could link them here and this stupid, idiotic site re-published them and blasted them at my subscribers. I’m very sorry folks. I hate when people post more than once a day, […]

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There Can Be Only One…(Except When There Are Two)

board game competition There can be only one Highlander Kurgan's Theme Gimme the Prize

The 2012 Druzgal Olympics have begun! Help us choose a new game!

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There’SNOW Place Like Home

winter woods heavy wet snow

I’m grounded. Between the snow and the forecast, the master of the house says “stay.” That’s a tough call for him to make, because he hates being alone even more than I, but we can’t drive together since I need to be back to get the Jeep inspected this weekend.

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The Worst Trainer in America, and “A Menstruating Bear?”: Training Alone, Part 2

Personal trainer fitness fat rant

Damn OCD…* I’m going to tell you about yesterday, and I’m going to tell you about the worst trainer in America. I am also going to be a little less sugar, a little more spice today (disclaimer 😉 ). As I told you in yesterday’s post, my trainer was sick. So, for the first time […]

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Spouse Swap: A True Christmas Story

Oops. I mean spouses swapping things, not swapping spouses. Whyever would I imply sucha thing? Silly me. Maybe it’s because I’m going to talk about hot women and porn (I am). Maybe it’s because Kurt and I recently made a permanent deal. We rarely make these. They’re kind of like postnups but they’re verbal. You […]

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Going hungry, sticking a fork in my trainer, and exercising the willpower muscle

Wingspan Park, Aliso Viejo CA

Tuesday morning I wanted to kick my trainer in the teeth…if I didn’t have short legs and not enough flexibility or strength to kick that high. I was angry because I took his suggestion from our session on Monday to do my morning cardio on an empty stomach because it’s supposed to burn fat. There […]

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A personal trainer, floor-brow humor, and musings on porn vs romance

pelvic thrusts

Today’s content is crass. I’ll forgive you if you want to skip this and come back tomorrow. And, as usual, don’t worry if you’re laughing at these photos. Laughing’s healthful. And let’s face it—I make crazy faces when I workout. And it’s not just me.

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