Meeting Clara and Ringing in 2013 with a ‘stache and ‘jama Party

New Year's Eve theme party moustaches pajamas
I don’t know what I was saying to get this weirdo face, but I had fun putting together my flower moustache. The cool bird in my hair is compliments of my nephew, Brandon.

I got slapped 24 times yesterday. This F*bomb resolution is tough!

It’s taking a bit longer to go through all the December posts to make sure each of your entries get into this RZA drawing, so I need one more day to make sure I include you all properly! In the meantime, I thought I’d take a moment and tell you how we spent our New Year’s Eve.

We were busy on the 31st. It was our 19th wedding anniversary, and we celebrated by going to meet my new grand-niece, “Nightwolf.” We didn’t stay long, but long enough I got to hold and rock her for a bit. She’s beautiful and strong and has an incredible head of hair!

newborn baby rocking full head of hair
Rocking baby Nightwolf, er Clara. I meant Clara.

We enjoyed delicious food at my in-laws’ house, having fun with Kurt’s family and nephews and niece. Each New Year’s Eve is a theme party there. This year it was a Moustache and Pajama Party.

New Year's Eve theme party moustaches pajamas
We decided not to torture Baxter this year by sticking him in a ‘stach and ‘jamas.

We alternate years that we just stay in and celebrate our anniversary together and years when we go out or spend it with family. New Year’s Eve food is usually plentiful and often includes water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, shrimp cocktail and an assortment of hearty appetizers and sweets.

I did fairly well watching which I had an how much, but my father-in-law makes the best Pizzelles in the universe, so I might have overdone those anise delicacies a bit much.

New Year's Eve theme party moustaches pajamas
In our moustaches and PJ’s for the party at my in-laws’.

New Year’s Day is usually pork and sauerkraut in a slow cooker over mashed potatoes. We forgot to buy these, however, so Kurt and I stopped at TGI Friday’s on our way back to Coshocton. That was the first we’ve ever eaten out on New Year’s Day.

As you know, I resolved to stop saying F**k in 2013. Any use of the word will result in a slap from Kurt (kind of like a slap bet but so far nothing has been held over for another day). He was very lenient at first, just holding his hand against my cheek and issuing warnings. But I insisted that this isn’t going to work if I don’t even feel the threat of a slap. By the time we finished the day, I had accumulated 24 slaps, and believe me, they were decent slaps by the end (again, at my insistance.)

New Year's Eve theme party moustaches pajamas
I’m so glad Kurt doesn’t regularly wear a moustache. He does grow out a pretty sexy goatee sometimes though, which he forgot to do for the party.

It was frustrating, because when I would slip up, my instinct was to throw out another few of them in frustration, which then made me realize I was slipping up more, and a few more would come out. Then, Kurt stopped noticing I was saying f**k, so I began slapping him when I said it, to get him to notice I said it, to which he would issue then a proper slap. It was something that should have been written into Talledega Nights or one of those shtick flicks.

newborn baby
I just could not stop staring. All babies are simply perfect.

I’m thinking maybe a shock collar might have been the better way to go.

In terms of successful things though, I’m excited to tell you that I worked out all of New Year’s weekend, including New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. And today I had a good session at the gym in Coshocton, which was *surprisingly* (insert ironic wry smile here) packed.

Did you celebrate with your usual traditions or do something new this year? I hope none of you made your resolve with slap-bet repercussions.

Love, Marla

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  1. You guys crack me up. Hahahaa… My resolutions are on my blog. All I can say is that I have laundry soap makins and it very well might get made today. Now, I just need to keep it up all year. =D

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