Join Me on My Next Adventure!

It’s Sunday! What are you doing today?

Today’s the last day to enter my Before & After Contest. All you have to do is organize and clean something. Anything. It can be as small as a desktop, or a refrigerator, or as large as a whole room. BE CREATIVE!

Be sure to send me BEFORE and AFTER photos!

travel Maldives vicarious
Your Flat Stanley self won’t be underwater if you win this adventure, but water plays an important role in the trip!
This photo is from last year’s epic trip to the Maldives, where a Flat Stanley version of my nephew made his debut.

What do you win?

A Flat Stanley version of yourself that I can take with you on our upcoming adventure. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip for Kurt and me. I think you’ll want to come along!

By midnight tonight (your time), send me your Before/After photos of your project, however big or small. Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner and we’ll get a Flat Stanley version of you to take on our trip!

Submit to marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com

Good luck and Happy Sunday!

Love, Marla