The Prettiest Caterpillar in the World Tastes Like…

“Why are you taking photos of this one? He is for eating.” K.B. stepped back to remove his shadow from over my camera. Lying across a dirt trail near my campsite in southern Africa I was tracking the movements of a large caterpillar. Camera pressed to my face I waited for it to reappear from […]

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Upcoming Events Spring 2018

2018 is shaping up to be a busy year. This year I want to take you to South Africa, Mozambique, Greece, and Ghana…

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A Honey Badger for Your Weekend

Botswana map flag outline Traveling Marla

Just a couple quick photos from my recent travels in Botswana, coming across a honey badger in Moremi Game Reserve. He wasn’t having any of us, and as quick as we could snap some photos and video, he was gone.

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Look Who’s Coming to Botswana!

flat stanley contest travel africa

It was a tie! I had such a difficult time picking from the great entries for the Flat Traveler Botswana contest that I ended up choosing two!

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Come With Me to Botswana?

Africa travel contest flat stanley

We’re going to try our hand at real bush camping, in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. No fences. No bathrooms. No showers. Just a couple crazy Americans and a shovel to dig a loo. Want to come? You might die. You might get eaten.

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Lions in The Kruger

travel South Africa lions

Kurt and I have been discussing how we’re currently both in “Kruger withdrawal.” It’s been several months since our last visit, and I’m not quite sure how we’re coping. Some recent lion activity on one of the sightings websites we follow had me thinking about the lions we saw there on our last trip. We […]

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Tracking a Black Rhino

Africa travel tracking black rhino

We have been lucky in our two years here, to have seen black rhino 3 times in the wild.

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An Old Fisherman in Mozambique and Glória de Sant’Anna

travel Africa Mozambique fisherman

I just wanted to share a few photographs from our recent Mozambique travels, along with this poem, by a beautiful writer I only learned about today. Her name is Glória de Sant’Anna.  I want to thank Luis R. Mitras, who works for the European Division of the University of Maryland University College, for his beautiful […]

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Pardon Me, but Your Balls are the Wrong Color!

playing pool in other countries travel South Africa

Welcome to another post on “Tuesdays in Tshwane,” where I give you a little slice of life around the capitol city of Pretoria (nka Tshwane) South Africa.

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Paper Dolls at Victoria Falls

Africa map outline Vic Falls Devils Pool

Once upon a time, a writer held a contest, and there were many winners. The writer carefully created a Flat Stanley version of each winner, and took them on a journey to Victoria Falls. Today is the journey of one of those winners.  Flat Harry, from West Virginia, USA, enjoys fishing, so Traveling MarLa created […]

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