Win A Signed Niq Mhlongo Book…or TWO!

I received so many responses to last week’s contest that I decided to create a new #contest to give away TWO MORE of Niq Mhlongo’s books, each autographed by him: After Tears and his newest release, Affluenza. It’s easy to enter. Read today’s post, then follow the instructions at the bottom.

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Signed Book Giveaways and Niq Mhlongo Answers Your Questions!

After a lot of traveling and a little bit of illness, I’m excited to bring back our ONLINE BOOK CLUB! Celebrated South African author Niq Mhlongo answers your questions about his writing, and the books that made him famous. You submitted so many engaging questions for this author that I felt I owed it to […]

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The Pee Poem

flat stanley

Did you figure out where we’re going yet? I’m giving the final clues in today’s post. The following map is one: I’m also announcing the winner of the last contest for creating another special Flat Stanley. Congratulations to Leo R, of WalktoRio2016, who won the contest with this memorable entry: Morning Dew I woke up […]

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Aren’t You Coming With…?

I’m inviting you (or, at least, a Flat Stanley version of you) to come on our next adventure, happening in just a few short weeks! It’s one of our bucket list items and I think you might enjoy seeing your head on a travel-size cut-out in front of what we’re going to see. You have […]

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NaNoFlatMo? What Month is it, Anyway?

vicarious travel Africa

Good grief! I saw a recent WordPress announcement that November is National Blog Posting Month. NaBloPoMo. Seriously? I guess that’s a thing now. In fact, it seems anything is a *thing* and every month is something-or-other-month. So I’m adding my own. In honor of the winners (yes, two people tied for first place!) of the […]

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Join Me on My Next Adventure!

travel Maldives vicarious

It’s Sunday! What are you doing today? Today’s the last day to enter my Before & After Contest. All you have to do is organize and clean something. Anything. It can be as small as a desktop, or a refrigerator, or as large as a whole room. BE CREATIVE! Be sure to send me BEFORE […]

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Name The Bird, Win a Candy Bar, or a Book!

Red Hen Press giveaway signed book Circle B Bar Reserve

At Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida, we hiked 4 hours around the marshes looking for alligators (alligators coming next week!). Adding in our stops and photography, we spent 5-6 hours each day we were in the wetlands. It was hard not to stop and watch everything, like this bird, who cleverly extracted a […]

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We Have a Winner for Geraldine Brooks!

Geraldine Brooks orchestra seats Carnegie Music Hall Pittsburgh PA

Congratulations, Caroline Tanski. Please email me to arrange to pick up your tickets: marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com Thanks to everyone who entered. Tomorrow we will announce the winner of the American Essay in the American Century book! (You still have until 5pm today to enter for that one!) Now head to watch my grand-niece […]

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Just Because Air is Free Doesn’t Mean You Breathe (and Other Free Things)

National Poetry Month signed book giveaway contest Red Hen Press

1. Brynn Saito made me cry this morning and it really pissed me off. But it got me thinking about all the things that are necessary to survival that we don’t always do, like cry, or eat, or breathe. No I’ve never gone hungry but I’ve woken alone with a ghost in my throat and […]

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Candy Bar and a Signed Book. Kelly Davio and Red Hen Press on Writer Wednesday!

Writer Wednesday National Poetry Month signed book giveaway contest Red Hen Press

Oh, friends. April is going to be so much fun for us. I already told you it’s National Poetry Month, but don’t despair if poetry’s not your thing, because I’ll be mixing and matching that poetry with a lot of my usual strangeness, photos, and non-poetry topics. But today is Writer Wednesday, and I’m featuring […]

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