Beth Gilstrap is Bringin’ it!

Welcome to another segment of Writer Wednesday, dear readers. I’m excited to share a post about writer Beth Gilstrap. I was fortunate to room with Beth Ms. Gilstrap for a bit when we were getting our MFA degrees at Chatham. Although she majored in Fiction, Gilstrap has been published in Nonfiction as well.

Her debut story collection, I Am Barbarella (I know, right? Seriously wish I had come up with a title that cool!) is being published in 2015 by Twelve Winters Press, the literary brainchild of writer and publisher Ted Morrissey.

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I’ve been stalking reading Gilstrap’s work for some time, and I’m excited that she’s getting more and more recognition. She is one of those rare individuals who has both talent and drive, and it’s going to take her far. Start following her now while she’s on the rise, because we’ll all be catching her dust soon.

Gilstrap’s story “Some Girl” was recently pick of the week over at Long Form, and her essay “I Would Move Like Silk When This Was Over” is in the current issue of the powerful journal, Sundog Lit, Letters from the Road. It seems there’s nowhere I can turn without seeing another of her pieces in one of my favorite publications. Gilstrap was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her work “Yard Show” in the Minnesota Review.

You can follow Gilstrap on Twitter, and check out her website: Beth Gilstrap.

Happy Writer Wednesday!

Love, Marla

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I remember being impressed by her when she read at the summer community of writers a couple years back.

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