The Way I Tour South Africa

best South African literature

My latest column is now online at Expat Focus. This month I write about literature as it relates to the way I travel. Please click here to read this month’s column, then come back here for a few snapshots of places I’ve been, inspired by books I’ve read.

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45 Failures

Celebrate failure with me! I created this for writers, but anyone can participate. It only takes a willingness to fail. Commit to getting 45 REJECTIONS with me. If you get an acceptance along the way, great. We’ll dance for that together. But let’s focus on submitting and celebrating rejection, as part of the process of […]

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Arat Kilo Monument in Addis Ababa

travel Ethiopia

Today’s photo is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I’ve been writing about our too-short visit to that city, combined with a few small pieces I’ve written about colonialism during my African travels. It weaves colonization, religious fanaticism, and folklore. It is certainly too long already, though not altogether boring. But some days I write all day […]

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What Would You Say to an Author?

African literature reading

You guys are the best. I have been getting your questions and comments for our first author, Futhi Ntshingila, and I am really proud to send them to her. You guys really read and think like pros! If you haven’t submitted your questions, you can still get them to me by midnight tonight. I’m sending […]

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There is No Man in the Moon in South Africa?

travel South Africa supermoon

Calling all South Africans! I have many questions for you today… Can you tell me your favorite constellations and places to view the night sky? I’ve already looked up the observatories online (and am loving the SAAO website), but if I’ve figured out one thing about South Africans, it’s that each of you have great […]

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A Ceiling in Versailles

travel France Versailles

Our holiday in Paris for Bastille Day included a tour away from the city to the Palace of Versailles, where I could not stay focused on everything around me because my attention was always toward the ceiling. I loved playing with the light and angles in my photography, and wanted to share one of the […]

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Beth Gilstrap is Bringin’ it!

Writer Wednesday

Welcome to another segment of Writer Wednesday, dear readers. I’m excited to share a post about writer Beth Gilstrap. I was fortunate to room with Beth Ms. Gilstrap for a bit when we were getting our MFA degrees at Chatham. Although she majored in Fiction, Gilstrap has been published in Nonfiction as well. Her debut […]

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The Joys of the Unpublished Writer: Figuring it All Out

guest post blog Traveling Marla South Africa move

Hello, Traveling Marla readers! Marla asked her guest posters to take over her blog and make it ours. But truthfully, if I had control over Marla’s blog, I wouldn’t change a thing. Let’s be honest here: really only Marla can write her blog, because it is such a lovely reflection of the unique person she […]

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Just Because Air is Free Doesn’t Mean You Breathe (and Other Free Things)

National Poetry Month signed book giveaway contest Red Hen Press

1. Brynn Saito made me cry this morning and it really pissed me off. But it got me thinking about all the things that are necessary to survival that we don’t always do, like cry, or eat, or breathe. No I’ve never gone hungry but I’ve woken alone with a ghost in my throat and […]

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Candy Bar and a Signed Book. Kelly Davio and Red Hen Press on Writer Wednesday!

Writer Wednesday National Poetry Month signed book giveaway contest Red Hen Press

Oh, friends. April is going to be so much fun for us. I already told you it’s National Poetry Month, but don’t despair if poetry’s not your thing, because I’ll be mixing and matching that poetry with a lot of my usual strangeness, photos, and non-poetry topics. But today is Writer Wednesday, and I’m featuring […]

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