Win A Signed Niq Mhlongo Book…or TWO!

I received so many responses to last week’s contest that I decided to create a new #contest to give away TWO MORE of Niq Mhlongo’s books, each autographed by him: After Tears and his newest release, Affluenza. It’s easy to enter. Read today’s post, then follow the instructions at the bottom.

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Signed Book Giveaways and Niq Mhlongo Answers Your Questions!

After a lot of traveling and a little bit of illness, I’m excited to bring back our ONLINE BOOK CLUB! Celebrated South African author Niq Mhlongo answers your questions about his writing, and the books that made him famous. You submitted so many engaging questions for this author that I felt I owed it to […]

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I Bet I Can Make a Niq Mhlongo Fan Out of You!

I want to make a bet with you, dear reader. If you can make it through a book by Niq Mhlongo and walk away without becoming a Niq Mhlongo fan, I’ll give you 50 Rand.

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Heinemann African Writers Series and Nthikeng Mohlele

African literature reading

I recently discovered a list of African literature I hadn’t previously known about. Have you ever heard of the Heinemann African Writers Series? Click on the name to link to the Wikipedia site with the full description. In short, I have a lot more reading to do. Thanks, Lungile Mtshiliba, for introducing me to this […]

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Juan Felipe Herrera Named US Poet Laureate : Harriet Staff : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

Juan Felipe Herrera Named US Poet Laureate : Harriet Staff : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation. Congratulations, Mr. Herrera. Well earned! A happy Writer Wednesday indeed! Love, Marla

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The Craft of Reading and the Stalking of Dinty W. Moore

best writing craft books Moore

As I’m sitting at the cafe this morning, writing my latest Expat Focus column, I keep telling myself “I’m working. I’m working.” I used to tell myself (and others) “I’m writing. I’m writing. I’m writing.” The simple shift in words seems to have finalized a shift in attitude I’ve been trying to maintain, and I […]

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Beth Gilstrap is Bringin’ it!

Writer Wednesday

Welcome to another segment of Writer Wednesday, dear readers. I’m excited to share a post about writer Beth Gilstrap. I was fortunate to room with Beth Ms. Gilstrap for a bit when we were getting our MFA degrees at Chatham. Although she majored in Fiction, Gilstrap has been published in Nonfiction as well. Her debut […]

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I’m Not Giving up Elephants for Lent!

South Africa travel

Okay, so nobody said anything about elephants, which is good because although I haven’t seen a live elephant in at least a week, I have been hooked on a herd of elephants from the book The Elephant Whisperer, by the late author, Lawrence Anthony.  And I refuse to give up either the book or the […]

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Rainbow vs. Garieb: Thoughts on The New South Africa

It’s Writer Wednesday, friends, and this week I’m taking a look at Professor Neville Alexander’s Thoughts on The New South Africa. One of the great democratic strengths of the new South Africa is the fact that matters such as ‘race’  and gender continue to be discussed in public and openly, often with great passion, in […]

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Candy Bar and a Signed Book. Kelly Davio and Red Hen Press on Writer Wednesday!

Writer Wednesday National Poetry Month signed book giveaway contest Red Hen Press

Oh, friends. April is going to be so much fun for us. I already told you it’s National Poetry Month, but don’t despair if poetry’s not your thing, because I’ll be mixing and matching that poetry with a lot of my usual strangeness, photos, and non-poetry topics. But today is Writer Wednesday, and I’m featuring […]

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