A Ceiling in Versailles

Our holiday in Paris for Bastille Day included a tour away from the city to the Palace of Versailles, where I could not stay focused on everything around me because my attention was always toward the ceiling.

I loved playing with the light and angles in my photography, and wanted to share one of the photos with you (yes it is meant to be “sideways.” Does it drive you crazy? 😉 ):

travel France Versailles
Versailles, France
(c) 2014 Marla Sink Druzgal This photo watermarked.

I didn’t get as much writing motivation from that trip as I had hoped, but I did come up with a fun writing prompt (those teacher genes just never let you go):

  1. Use either this photograph or go to Google Images and type only “the ceiling of.” Do not let it autofill an ending to that and do not type in a place or person. Hit enter or the search button. It will give you plenty of images to choose from.
  2. Look at the photo for a few minutes then look away and write down the first 5-8 words that come to you. My words were chandelier, dancing, ladies, blue, clear, bronze, warm, happy, pretense. Anything that comes to mind is fine.
  3. Use at least 3 of those words, no matter how well they do or don’t go together and create a Haiku. Those of you who already write, have at it. If you’re like me and don’t write haiku, it’s easy to learn using the children’s “What Am I?” teaching tool. In short, a haiku is simply 3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. They seldom rhyme.

Be liberal. You’ll notice that for me once I realized where I wanted to go, I changed “pretense” to “pretending.” In my case, I used the “What Am I?” lesson and from my photo above and the words that it spawned, here is my “What Am I?” Haiku.

Can you guess what I am?

Dancing in sunlight
and wind-rippled clear water,
pretending I’m you

Please share your haiku with me if you make one. Link to the photo that inspired you if you used a different one than mine.

Love, Marla

3 thoughts on “A Ceiling in Versailles

    1. Aww, Leo I’ve missed you! Did you see my shout out to you in a recent post about getting a new Jeep?
      I’m excited for your upcoming race walking challenge. Gonna’ follow you all the way (um, er, online. Traveling Marla does not actually travel physically very fast.) 😉

  1. Wow, beautiful photo. Hope you enjoyed Versailles. I’d much rather be there than in my boring office.

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