Beth Gilstrap is Bringin’ it!

Writer Wednesday

Welcome to another segment of Writer Wednesday, dear readers. I’m excited to share a post about writer Beth Gilstrap. I was fortunate to room with Beth Ms. Gilstrap for a bit when we were getting our MFA degrees at Chatham. Although she majored in Fiction, Gilstrap has been published in Nonfiction as well. Her debut […]

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Bottled Flatulence of Literary Elitism and the Cannibalistic Marla-Cow (Manuscript Monday!)

AWP 2013 bottled flatulence literary elitism micro climate global warming writing travel accessible layers memoir

Before I dig into these next couple weeks of bringing you giveaways and posts singing the praises of the annual AWP conference, I have to tell you that finding energy and inspiration from the AWP conference of 12,000+ attendees doesn’t come without navigating my way through a lot of chest-puffing, harumphing, and that bottled flatulence […]

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Writer Wednesday: Andrew Kaufman and a Signed Book Giveaway!

contest giveaway Andrew Kaufman While the Savage Sleeps Rebecca Skloot Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks writer signed book independent non-traditional publishing

Before this post is over, you’ll find out the winner of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and you’ll have the opportunity to enter to win a signed copy of Andrew Kaufman‘s While the Savage Sleeps! So read on, dear reader…if you dare. Because today I’m presenting you with writer Andrew Kaufman, author of psychological […]

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The mmm… post: Manipulate MarLa Monday

British pub Oxford Lamb and Flag writing

Over the weekend I challenged readers on my Facebook Page to give me words, phrases, etc., and promised that I will combine them to create Monday’s blog. They answered, the words in red are those they gave me, and this weird little short story is the result… “If it takes two weeks to walk a […]

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“Avogadro’s Number” in response to a reader’s request for my “real” writing.

Spyridian Review

A friend just asked me “Why don’t you put some real writing on your blog, Marla?” I was a little hurt at first, but I understand what she was asking. Since my blog is a way of building readership, why don’t I include a lot of the essays or poetry or even fiction that I […]

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