Dead Body Management

It’s Manuscript Monday, and I’ve been tackling a couple projects I want to finish before the end of the year. But as often happens, my creativity is constantly being challenged by new stimuli.

Today I can’t stop thinking about the words “dead body management”. It is a term for the Red Cross currently being used due to the organization’s frequent duties whiles assisting with the Ebola crisis in West Africa. I came across it in the following article, which I hope you will take the time to read. It is a simple and crushing glimpse of life, but mostly death, in Liberia’s outbreak.

Liberia’s Ebola disposal teams

Ebola is not in South Africa, where I am, but I have friends here who fear for their loved ones in other African countries.Liberia

Please do read this very stirring article, and if you feel so inclined, do what I’m doing today and think about those haunting words, “dead body management” to see where they lead you in your own writing. And more critically, please donate to the World Food Programme. While we can’t do anything for the dead but remember them, burn them, or bury them, we can still help the living. Food shortage is the next very real problem to face the survivors and victims in these areas. Help us get ahead of that new crisis.

I’ve made a donation today, and designated it in memory of Fatimah Jakemah, the young pregnant woman mentioned in the article. I hope you’ll join me. The link above (and here) takes you directly to the donation page. To help the Ebola hit countries, select either Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia to make your donation matter in those places.

Love, Marla

In memory of Fatimah Jakemah. Everyone deserves to be remembered.
In memory of Fatimah Jakemah. Everyone deserves to be remembered.

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