White Eggs and Ham, American I Am

The title of this month’s Expat Focus column was based on an entertaining chase to track down as close to American-style Easter fare as I could find. As this is our first Easter in South Africa, I picked several people to invite who have never heard of some of our American traditions.

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White Eggs and Ham, American I Am: Seeking a Yankee Easter in South Africa

After the column was finished I did hear of some genuine white eggs appearing from time to time in a nearby store or farm market, and I’ve been told that Crayola Crayons are to be found in some of the toy stores but that they don’t always have a pack with a white one.

South Africa is an incredible place to live. Tracking down an Easter dinner has been a wonderful experience in many ways, because each person I talked with in my hunt for an American Easter provided me with beautiful insight on a South African Easter, so I think next year I’ll have to try something locally traditional.

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Candy clones!

And there is one thing I want to mention after today’s post. Finding things in South Africa doesn’t necessarily say as much about a “lack” here as it does about our overabundance and convenience in the States. Was it a pain in the butt trying to track everything down and give up on certain things? Maybe. But having put all the hard work into making an American-style Easter come together, I know I’m going to enjoy the meal all that much more!

Love, Marla

Please do remember to go read the column. I so enjoyed writing and preparing this one!

4 thoughts on “White Eggs and Ham, American I Am

  1. Loved it. The only thing really missing for me are the Pickled Eggs and Beets. Of course Mom always made them after Easter with all the hard boiled eggs we hadn’t eaten but I still associate them with Easter. I have the pickled beets but haven boiled the eggs yet. Re: Jeff’s ostrich egg, I can’t imagine how long it would take to boil it. LOL

  2. Hahaha…great article!! Loved that you switched the cloves for peppercorns!! Hahaha bet that gave it some nice bite! Easter eggs were very pretty! You should do some “Easter ostrich eggs”!

  3. Fun article! It’s funny how difficult it seems to find products that are so readily available here. Can’t wait to come!

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