My family might say that I dropped off the face of the earth for awhile, and I would say that isn’t far from the truth. Because the southern hills of the Drakensburg Mountains certainly made me feel like I was in another world.

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Sunrise view from my hut at the Buddhist Retreat in the southern Drakensburg Mountains

I created a self-retreat at the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo. It was listed as one of the top retreats in the world for meditation, so I figured it would be a very good place for silence and writing:
(Ixopo Buddhist Retreat is #5 if you’re looking through the photos)

Scheduled for the 6th anniversary of my mother’s passing, I spent my time there writing and being in “Noble Silence” which means I don’t speak to anyone, and they don’t speak to me. It was surprisingly easy to be silent, but very difficult to sit with the thoughts I begin to process when I’m devoid of internet and phone calls in addition to that silence. Definitely recommended for other writers!

travel South Africa
One of my writing spots during the retreat. When not full with regular retreats, you can opt to create a “self-retreat” and write your own program, which I did.

Just getting back into a regular routine here, but thought you would enjoy a couple photos.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! Is it really May already!??

Love, Marla

8 thoughts on “Retreated!

  1. I am So so so so so so jealous of your retreat, but happy for you to have that experience.

  2. So wonderful! I have heard of the Buddhist Retreat Center but have never visited. Now, after reading your post, it is definitely on my list. What a special way to honor your mother. I am inspired. Thank you for sharing this lovely and personal experience.

  3. Happy you enjoyed the retreat.. We popped in there on our Holiday as well. Beautiful Place.. Sounds like you really enjoyed your time away

  4. How wonderful the retreat sounds!! Welcome back, you were MUCH missed!!

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