You Big Baby! (Five): Part One

First, Congratulations to Valentine Logar, who wins the Rhino Bookmark from last week’s contest! Valentine, please message me via Facebook or email me at marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com with your mailing address.

expat life pretoria South Africa wildlife baby rhino
Mama rhino checking us out. Thank goodness for zoom lens. She looked up as our bakkie stopped on the road, decided we were non-threatening and went back to grazing, allowing Junior to wander quite far.

As I promised you earlier when I was posting about our “Big Five” sightings, this week is dedicated to the “Baby Big Five.

expat life pretoria South Africa wildlife baby rhino
I think we saw so many animals because we went in winter. I can’t imagine spotting this little one, already blending into the brush, when everything is in full foliage.

Today, a baby rhino with its beautiful mama, in an undisclosed location of Kruger National Park.

expat life pretoria South Africa wildlife baby rhino
Mama and baby grazing a comfortable distance apart.

And please remember that it doesn’t cost any money to promote rhino awareness. Take a look at the following pages, and consider sharing one on your Facebook page, in a tweet, or by email. Each single action does make a difference.

Africa Inside, where you can learn how they help African children become animal heroes. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, by email.

expat life pretoria South Africa wildlife baby rhino
Is there anything so precious as new life? Their horns are just a little nubbin when they are born. It’s hard to imagine anyone conceiving of slaughtering an animal for the same material that’s in a fingernail., raising awareness and fighting poaching in Africa and Asia. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, on YouTube or by email newsletter.

expat life pretoria South Africa wildlife baby rhino
Baby white rhino grazing = happiness.

Project Rhino KwaZulu Natal, a collective of private and public organizations fighting Rhino Poaching in KZN. Follow them YouTube, read their blogs, or perhaps volunteer to help them set up Social Media accounts (they aren’t asking, I’m just suggesting.)

Love, Marla



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  1. Great Post Marla. Fun and you are right that spreading the word creates awareness and is just as powerful as donating money. I have shared and spread. Thanks. Lori

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