Lion-Panther Cub and Lower Sabie Magic! Big Baby Five, Part Five

expat life Pretoria where to see the big five South Africa travel what are the big five

You can always tell when I’m uninspired, or bored, or blocked, because it’s only then that I turn from basic story-telling mode to research mode, which usually then jogs me back into story mode. Today’s dabbling was to Quack the term “Leopard name etymology” because I’ve always been curious that “leo” is a lion, and […]

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The Battle at Kruger we Didn’t See (Baby Big Five, Part Three)

expat life Pretoria Africa travel where to see the big five in South Africa what are the big five

Kurt and I half-joked, half-wished to see a National Geographic moment during our recent trip to Kruger National Park, but I was secretly grateful we didn’t. I have a difficult time just watching anything resembling the circle of life on YouTube, and didn’t think I could really sit and watch it unfold live in front […]

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Gym Confrontation (and a Baby Elephant): Baby Big Five Part Two

expat life Pretoria Africa travel what are the big five where to see South Africa

I had an altercation at the gym this morning. Sort of. It was more like a one-sided lecture and me taking what I consider the “high road.” I wondered how I could combine this with the “Baby Big Five” post today, and realized that the same thing happened in Kruger. Sort of. We unintentionally frightened […]

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You Big Baby! (Five): Part One

expat life pretoria South Africa wildlife baby rhino

First, Congratulations to Valentine Logar, who wins the Rhino Bookmark from last week’s contest! Valentine, please message me via Facebook or email me at marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com with your mailing address. As I promised you earlier when I was posting about our “Big Five” sightings, this week is dedicated to the “Baby Big […]

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Black Death? Big Five Part 4: Cape Buffalo

black death boy lives with buffalo whisperer what are the big five expat life Pretoria

We weren’t even one kilometer into the park when we saw our first of “The Big Five.” These cape buffalo were relaxing in a river bed just inside the the gate where we entered Kruger National Park. This small group was spotted on our second day, as we drove some of the back roads between […]

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Spot the Leopard: Big Five Part 3

where are leopards from South Africa leopard spots camouflage expat life Pretoria

Get it? Spots. Okay. I’m a dork. But seriously. That camo is priceless. I’m going to give you two of the three (adult) leopards and one of the cubs we saw in Kruger National Park, and you’ll see just how good those spots work. #1 Leopard in a tree. Just who are these superhuman bionic-visioned […]

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A Lot of Bull Sh*t: Big Five, Part 2

what are the big five africa travel expat life Pretoria South Africa travel tips South Africa travel tips

CAUTION: Running over elephant dung can puncture your tire. This was a new fact we picked up while driving around Kruger National Park, but neither of us can remember which reading material gave us the information. It was not in any of the brochures we received upon entering the park or on the guides we […]

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