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Miniature Giraffe!

travel Africa

Nope. It’s not Photoshop. I can only dream of knowing how to do something that cool!  In this case, the illusion of miniature comes across as this baby and adult giraffe cross a road in The Kruger at different heights. Happy Monday, friends. May your work week be pleasant, and your problems miniature! 😉 Love, […]

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Thank Goodness for Contaminated Horsefeed: South Africa Wildflowers

travel South Africa

Kurt came home yesterday with the prettiest little bouquet of cosmos for me. He and his boss stopped after work to pick them on the side of the road near their construction site. I can only imagine the sight of two grown men picking pink flowers on the roadside.

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Christmas is For the Birds

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Well, at least at our house, Christmas is partially for the birds. I have been showering our feathered friends here with yuletide greetings: a variety of fruit including apricot, pear, orange, banana, peaches and apples for the fruit eaters; and homemade nectar or sunflower seeds for others. Wouldn’t these birds look just gorgeous in snow? […]

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There and Gone: Procession of Mandela Before Lying in State

expat life Pretoria South Africa travel

I almost missed him. Arriving more than an hour before the procession was to begin, I drove around looking for parking several blocks from the procession route, but all was cordoned off by security and police. One police officer saw my camera and tried directing me to a bus for media, but since I didn’t […]

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Skink Eater!

expat life South Africa travel

A story in pictures today, of a Southern Red-billed Hornbill eating a skink in Kruger National Park: Who’s hungry? Love, Marla  

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Clouded Mountain

South Africa travel expat life

The best piece of advice we received before going to Cape Town was to leave our schedule flexible enough to grab the first beautiful day to climb Table Mountain. There are many days when visibility is limited due to cloud cover, and access is closed due to high wind. As you saw from last week’s […]

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The Quiver trees of Keetmanshoop (by Kyle de Nobrega)

I found today’s guest blogger through a very cool website called Ranger Diaries. I read a couple of his posts there, then followed the links back to his own website, and saw his photos of these amazing trees. I knew you would enjoy them, as well. Take a moment to check out Kyle’s amazing work […]

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The Big Five in Black and White

I haven’t met the family who created today’s guest post, but I follow their blog and enjoy their many engaging photos on their website, de Wets Wild. I wanted to share this striking post from their wildlife photography, and I hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy it and then check out their website for […]

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What Does Giraffe Say?

expat life Pretoria South Africa travel

Nothing. Or, at least…nothing you or I can usually hear. Ever get frustrated playing with a child because you don’t know what sound you should make for a giraffe? Yeah, me neither. But I know some really wonderful parents who do, and this post is for them. Unlike the quite vocal (yet elusive) fox, an […]

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Attack of the Terrapins

turtles in Kruger National Park expat life Pretoria South Africa travel

If you ask my nephew, turtles are freakin’ creepy. I never saw them that way, until our recent trip to Kruger. South Africans call turtles “terrapins” which is also what the British call them, according to Wikitardia. Driving a back road from Olifants Rest Camp to the overlook, we stopped while crossing a little pond. […]

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