Writer Wednesday: Andrew Kaufman and a Signed Book Giveaway!

contest giveaway Andrew Kaufman While the Savage Sleeps Rebecca Skloot Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks writer signed book independent non-traditional publishing
Psychological Thriller Author Andrew Kaufman in his official photo. (c) 2011, Thomas Photography. (Used with permission of the author.)

Before this post is over, you’ll find out the winner of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and you’ll have the opportunity to enter to win a signed copy of Andrew Kaufman‘s While the Savage Sleeps!

So read on, dear reader…if you dare. Because today I’m presenting you with writer Andrew Kaufman, author of psychological thrillers, including one he is signing just for you! And if you’re anything like me, when you see the trailer for the book you are entering to win, you just might wet your britches!

“There are only two kinds of obstacles: the ones that people put in front of you; and the ones you put in front of yourself.” – Andrew Kaufman

Kaufman, gave this motivational advice to a packed room at the 2013 Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego. I had already attended a couple workshops given by Kaufman that day, and understood that his words were backed by his own life experience and determination to go through and over every barrier of his own to write good books, on his terms.

contest giveaway Andrew Kaufman While the Savage Sleeps Rebecca Skloot Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks writer signed book independent non-traditional publishing
Andrew Kaufman preparing for his keynote at the Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego.

Kaufman is the poster boy for independent authors, a six-figure powerhouse with a fiercely loyal following. Although he has participated in traditional publishing (read him in the beautifully moving Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cancer Book) Kaufman has forgone the hoops of the “mainstream” literary establishment and is writing his own deals with Amazon. His readers will follow him wherever he publishes, and he makes it convenient for them to choose e-books or print.

I just finished reading The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted (LLH). This isn’t my usual genre to read, so I was worried I might not fully engage with the story. But LLH crashed headlong into the fray, giving just enough teasers to draw me in, keep me guessing throughout and not let me go until it was over. Kaufman’s understanding of human psychology helps create characters who are layered and complex, and ultimately more relatable because of it. I can’t wait to get my hands on Darkness and Shadows when it’s released later this year.

Here’s a book trailer for The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted, which I read on the train:



“Failure is often a prerequisite for success.” – Andrew Kaufman

I thought better than my trying to describe how moving and motivating Kaufman’s keynote was at the conference, I would let you go watch the video of it for yourself. Whether you’re a writer wanting insight into the massive success of another, or a reader wanting to better understand how one of your favorite writers, the speech is worth watching.

So about those contests…

The winner of the signed copy of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, signed by Rebecca Skloot is Mary-Kaylor Hanger! I will be mailing this upon my return from the AWP conference next week.

contest giveaway Andrew Kaufman While the Savage Sleeps Rebecca Skloot Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks writer signed book independent non-traditional publishing
Mary-Kaylor Hanger is the winner of last week’s contest, a signed copy of Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Want to know what you can win this week?

Here is a trailer of Kaufman’s While the Savage Sleeps, the signed book you’re entering to win this week:




Enter Once) Watch the book trailers and comment below on any of the following ideas: Was it a new experience for you to watch a video about a book? I’m personally a big fan, because I think in mixed media now. I love my printed books and will never become a fully-dedicated e-book reader, and I always love to read a book before it’s a movie. But I just love book trailers. For me it adds a great amount of suspense to something I already want to read, and I like that the author is giving me his own insight into the setting and characters I’ll be reading about.

Enter Twice) Follow author Andrew Kaufman on Twitter. Make sure you let me know so I can confirm it and give you credit!

Enter Thrice) Watch Kaufman’s keynote speech and add a second comment below letting me know what moved you most or if you also had a favorite quote or moment.

DEADLINE: Next Tuesday, March 12th, by 5pm

Good Luck!

Love, Marla

P.S. FITNESS BUDDIES! Yesterday was my rest day due to being on a train for 24 hours, but I hit it hard this morning at the hotel gym. This place has an incredible strength training room, including free weights. As usual I nabbed a random stranger to snap a photo to share with you.

contest giveaway Andrew Kaufman While the Savage Sleeps Rebecca Skloot Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks writer signed book independent non-traditional publishing
Finishing up with some lat pulldowns at the fitness center in Boston’s Marriott, Copley Place. Nothing says writer like flexing when holding out a book for autograph. 😉

25 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Andrew Kaufman and a Signed Book Giveaway!

  1. Hmm. I have mixed thoughts about book trailers. These two are the very first ones I’ve ever watched, or ever even heard of, actually. They do make me want to read the books (especially LLH), but book reviews do the same. When I read a book, I like to decide for myself what the setting and characters look like. Even if/when the author is describing it, my mind still creates its own images, and I like that. I don’t know if these trailers would give me preconceived notions of what I SHOULD be thinking.

  2. I saw Andrew give the speech, which means I probably don’t count for the giveaway. However, I wanted to smack him for nearly making me cry. It doesn’t matter to me what he specifically said. I’m a writer and yet I looked past the words. Andrew showed his honesty and that made it special.

  3. Haha – Lat pull downs! Love ’em! 🙂 And yes, independent authors are awesome 😉

    You keep reminding me I need to take photos. And I keep forgetting!

  4. I’ve never watched a book trailer before…very interesting concept indeed. Let me tell you, if that trailer doesn’t give you chills nothing will 🙂

  5. Watching a book trailer was a first for me. It was actually pretty cool. Makes me want to read it more. I’m a visual person and I wish all books had trailers.

    1. Aren’t they so cool? I think more authors are starting to look at books as an entire experience instead of just a spine and pages, and I’m so grateful for the new approach. You’re entered for the contest, btw!

    2. Just followed him on Twitter and I watched both videos. The first one grabbed me more. I like hearing about peoples lives. His struggles, his mom’s death before she could read the book and pulling himself up. It all grabbed me and I’m very glad for his success.

      1. Cool, that’s your 3 entries, Melissa. Yeah, he just breaks your heart then puts it back together for you, doesn’t he? I heard his keynote speech before I ever read his work, and I remember sitting there thinking how amazingly resilient he was and hoping to feature him on the blog, and I sat there thinking “Please be a good writer. Please be a good writer. Please be a good writer.” And I was so excited to read his work and know that he IS such a good writer, too. <3

        1. Well I read your posts daily. I get an update in my email or I’ll see you on Facebook. I LOVE autobiographies. Peoples lives just do it for me! And not the there is anything wrong with other writers you follow but this is the first author and post to speak to me. I’ve never entered your contests before because I figured there are others out there who want to prize more. This time. I hope I win. This guys sounds exciting and if I don’t I’ll just download his book to my Kindle app! Have fun in Boston!

  6. I would have to say the part that moved me the most is when Andrew talks about his and his mom’s battle with cancer. I for one am so glad glad that he didn’t let all the rejections stop him from continuing to get his book out there. I have read all that he has written and I love all of them. Andrew puts his heart and soul into all his work.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I cried when he talked about his mother. It hit hard and I think his having gone through so much makes him both a relatable person, and a writer who, as you said, puts all of himself into writing.
      A 3rd entry for you. Way to go, Candy!

  7. The trailer was pretty neat. I have never seen a book trailer before. It gives my mind a “picture” of what the author was thinking when he wrote this book. I watched Andrews speech a few weeks ago. As I told him, hearing about his life and the struggles he has overcome, I truly admire him, not only as an author but as a human being as well.

    1. Thanks for entering, Jennifer. Yeah, I found myself browsing book trailers on YouTube now. What a new and different way to search for books to read. I love it!
      I think most readers now want to know their authors a little better and whether it’s fair or not to the author, I personally like to know that I’m supporting someone who’s a “good person” as well. It just feels so much better, somehow. He definitely fits that to a “t”!

  8. This was the first book trailer I watched , the first time I saw it was when out first came out.I think they are great, gives you a visual of what the book is about.

    1. I’m so excited for the way writing has evolved to become a multi-media “event” instead of just “spine and paper” as I said to another reader. It really makes you feel connected to the work and the author in a much better way.
      Thanks for entering!

  9. Thanks so much for having me here, Marla–I’m so glad you liked The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted! And a big hello to all of Marla’s readers!

    1. Thanks for visiting us, and for writing such exciting books! I only moved from my train seat for meals, because I was so wrapped up in reading LLH.

      Thank you for letting me feature you!

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