There’SNOW Place Like Home

I’m grounded. Between the snow and the forecast, the master of the house says “stay.” That’s a tough call for him to make, because he hates being alone even more than I, but we can’t drive together since I need to be back to get the Jeep inspected this weekend.

winter woods heavy wet snow
Henry the Jeep wants to play in the snow but the master says stay (at least until he’s been inspected).

The original plan was to go with Kurt back to Coshocton, Ohio for two of his four days he has to work. I was excited to hit the gym for a couple really hard days of weights, and we were both looking forward to our evenings of Druzgal Olympics (I’ll explain that tomorrow).

winter woods heavy wet snow
There’s a lot of sweeping to be done already if we want to get out the long downhill driveway today…and it will most likely be covered again when we’re to the bottom. Some days it’s a two-person job.

I’m happy not to make the 2.5 hour drive, but really upset over not having a gym for another week. I’ve been doing my daily hour of cardio on the treadmill, but I’m just *pants at free weights. (That phrase is courtesy of my friend CrazyTrain, a fellow blogger.)

winter woods heavy wet snow
I usually hate when people mess with the natural landscape, but on snowy winter days I’m glad the previous owners planted so many hemlocks and assorted pines and firs 30+ years ago. Nothing like snow on evergreen.

There isn’t a gym within 30 minutes of the house that allows a pay-by-day pass and I can’t get a second gym membership.

winter woods heavy wet snow
Looking from the deck down into our meadow. No deer today. They often sleep under the white pines at the bottom.

I welcome suggestions from my fitness friends on good weight training on both arms and legs with nothing but weights and the inside and outside of a house in the snowy woods.

winter woods heavy wet snow
Our Christmas cactus has been in bloom for a couple weeks now. Looks better against the snow outside.

Seriously, bring it on. I could use a good challenge to keep my mind off my next four days of separation anxiety until Kurt returns.

Love, Marla

*”pants” – adjective. British slang. Not good; total crap; nonsense; rubbish; bad

11 thoughts on “There’SNOW Place Like Home

    1. 🙂 Isn’t it crazy? We do usually get snow but nothing like your fun. I used to love going to North Dakota in the winter when my mom lived there. I would take the Empire Builder (train) out and stare at the amazing drifts all around.

    1. Hahaha. You’re the best. It’s actually our woodshed. The last outhouse I used was when I was staying at my grandparents’ house. They used to wake us up in the middle of the night so we could go pee in case we might have the notion to wet the bed. Hahaha. I suppose it was better than the pee bucket they had as the alternative, but I’m not sure.

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