GIVEAWAY DAY TWO: Handmade Italian Paper Journal

Unlined journal diary handmade
Win this handmade journal with the antique typewriters on the cover and the fine Italian paper inside.

I’ve got a beautiful journal for you!

You might remember from one of my Chautauqua posts that I bought many journals from Re-Imagined. So…it turns out I bought one too many journals at Chautauqua this autumn. I counted up my holiday gifts and there, staring at me forlornly, was a beautiful journal decorated in antique typewriters and holding empty unlined pages of fine Italian paper.

All I could think was Heck Yeah! I have another giveaway for the blog!

See how much I think about you guys? Like all the time. Except, of course,  when I’m thinking about writing or sex or dark chocolate-covered marzipan, I’m thinking about how much I love you! (Is that creepy?)


ONE way to enter. Any beautiful journal should belong to someone who enjoys writing (notice I didn’t say you have to be good at it).

So…prove it…in the worst way (yes, I have a mean streak sometimes)…

In the comments below, write a limerick. It can be about anything. 1 limerick = 1 entry. So don’t worry about quality. Just have fun and let others enjoy reading your crazy fun.  (It will count as two entries if you include at least one of the words “writing,” “sex” or “dark chocolate covered marzipan” – hahaha. I’m sadistic AND weird.)

DEADLINE: Monday, 17 December, 2012, MIDNIGHT.

BONUS: Each entry for this contest also enters you to win 2 VIP tickets to RZA in April! The RZA tickets are so expensive and special that I feel they are a reward for those who have been entering all these crazy contests lately. So even if you don’t like the journal, enter so you increase your chances to go hear RZA!

contest win handmade journal
A delicate gray separator page protects the fine Italian unlined paper from the cover. A perfect place for you to inscribe the journal as a gift to someone, or to write your own name and the date you start writing in it.

Good luck and remember there are AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS being given away right now also. Very easy ways to enter those also!

Every day this week I’m giving something away, so y’all come back now, ya hear?

Love, Marla

P.S. Here is the link to my Contests page, so you can more easily see the things available to win and click on whatever interests you.

22 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY DAY TWO: Handmade Italian Paper Journal

  1. I like to write about the elusive orgasm
    It helps to not think of your privates as a dak chasm
    I learned to love myself more
    And enjoy sex on the bed and the floor
    Now, how’s that for a bit of sarcasm.

  2. Marla screamed when she looked at her hand
    In a turd she thought she did land
    A smile crossed Kurt’s face
    As he bent to take a taste
    No, silly, it’s dark chocolate covered marzipan

      1. Patrick will be thrilled Kurt liked it! I was going to skip this challenge but asked Patrick to write something funny. While he was trying to figure out how to get the turd comment in there, I wrote mine. He has been asking about it every day since! He said he really loved doing it. (You always expand our horizons, Marla!) He’ll be so happy Kurt though it was funny! They are like kindred spirits!

  3. He brought her dark chocolate covered marzipan
    He hailed from the strong handsome Druzgal clan
    He told her to write
    And to join him in flight
    And so the adventure began.

  4. WORDPRESS ATE MY COMMENT, GRRR. It went something like this:

    I can’t help but hear Willie Nelson’s voice when you say “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?” But I’ll refrain from writing a Dukes of Hazzard limerick.


    The Duke boys drove an orange car
    Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane chased them far
    They slid across the hood
    Always up to no good
    But let’s get real — Daisy was the real star.


    1. Okay, WordPress DIDN’T eat my comment. Now you get to read my Dukes of Hazzard-themed genius TWICE.

    2. That is awesome. I’m glad WP didn’t eat your comment. And that’s exactly the voice I was using, so you know me better than you thought! I used to live for that show!

  5. I hesitate to give myself away like this, but I can’t help but hear Willie Nelson n my head when you said “Ya’ll come back now, you hear?”

    But I’ll refrain from writing a Dukes of Hazzard limerick. Oh wait, no I won’t.

    The Duke boys drove a fast orange car
    Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrain chased them far
    They slid across the hood
    Always up to no good
    But let’s get real — Daisy was the real star

    I’m not sorry.

  6. Once a girl, Marla, we’ll call her,
    Wrote a blog ’bout sex, life, and squallor.
    Ate dark chocolate marzipan,
    Then with her still sticky hand,
    Wrote with the skill of an ivy league scholar.

  7. I join the Creekside volunteer fire company to fill a void in my life. 22 years later I am still going at it. I flash back to things I have done , and what I have seen. Some of the biggest fires this county ever had. The flash back of June 1. Guess for me the one memory I would never forget, day I meet my wife. So my hole life is that fire station, and will be till the day i die.

  8. There once was an ibex named Rex,
    who always wrote about sex.
    He was taking Diazepam
    as he drank to much liqueur of dark chocolate marzipan.
    Then one day he finally choked.

  9. I once knew an orangutan
    named Dark Chocolate Covered Marzipan.
    He achieved stripper fame
    but then changed his name
    to the much more subtle Ambrosian.

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