21 Days Without Sex!!?!?!?!?!?

Sugar! I meant sugar! Darnit, how could I ever confuse sex with sugar? Sheesh! Oh, right. Because aside from the obvious sugar-sex metaphor (if it’s not obvious, bless your heart!) in my mind, sugar is the culinary equivalent of sex. It’s like if (*pornstar) Bree Olson were my lover and I’m suddenly asked to kick … More 21 Days Without Sex!!?!?!?!?!?

GIVEAWAY DAY TWO: Handmade Italian Paper Journal

I’ve got a beautiful journal for you! You might remember from one of my Chautauqua posts that I bought many journals from Re-Imagined. So…it turns out I bought one too many journals at Chautauqua this autumn. I counted up my holiday gifts and there, staring at me forlornly, was a beautiful journal decorated in antique … More GIVEAWAY DAY TWO: Handmade Italian Paper Journal