Screw It, Have a Cow. No, Really. I have Cows for you!! GIVEAWAY WEEK DAY 3

Fall Foliage Tour Coshocton Ohio 2012Just breathe.

Chill out.
Take it easy.
Don’t have a cow.

I have trouble following any of the above suggestions from well-meaning friends. Once I’m worked up, I just have to have that cow!

In fact, I enjoy pitching the occasional fit so much that I had myself 5 cows…eraser cows that is, compliments of Blue Ridge Dairy & Whitetails. Blue Ridge was part of the great Fall Foliage Tour, set up by Visit Coshocton, Ohio. See the slideshow of this wonderful farm at the end of today’s post.

Fall Foliage Tour Coshocton Ohio 2012
Apparently blue cow thought it was cold.

There are several cow photos here, but as you know, I take photos to complement my stories. If you just want to look at really nice photos of cows, you should check out a blog of a photographer I’ve been following named Seth Snap. He takes a lot of photos of cows and they’re kind of awesome. Here’s a link to his blog. These little cows I brought home from Blue Ridge have been kind of annoying about asking me to put the “cow movie” on again, and again. Then, they just sit and stare. Or do I…?

Fall Foliage Tour Coshocton Ohio 2012
It was hard to get this post out in time with the cows constantly hopping onto my laptop to look at photos of other cows on Seth Snap’s site.

Since I got these little ladies, they’ve been getting into all sorts of things in the apartment. Yesterday Kurt brought me home flowers and candy. And get this…for no occasion. No apology. He just thought it had been awhile since he’d gotten me flowers and candy. And he thanked me for being in Coshocton with him. Remind me to send his parents another thank-you card for raising a man like this, please.

Fall Foliage Tour Coshocton Ohio 2012
Occupy Roses: an eraser cow movement. These 5 cows are up for grabs. See guidelines below. (That bottom right one is brown. Just looks gray in the photo.)

Anyway, these cows are getting into everything, even trampling down the new roses I just got, and getting into the chocolates. They need to go soon or, well, you know cows…

Fall Foliage Tour Coshocton Ohio 2012
Now that’s just asking for trouble. Those are MY chocolate covered cherries.

GUIDELINES: First five people to comment on why they want a cow gets a cow (eraser). Make sure to let me know the color. First come, first served.

DEADLINE: When I run out of cows.

15 thoughts on “Screw It, Have a Cow. No, Really. I have Cows for you!! GIVEAWAY WEEK DAY 3

  1. Omg! Long time cow collector! And I don’t do elf on a shelf so maybe we could do Christmas cow! Any color, I’m not picky. πŸ™‚

  2. Holy cow! What a post. thanks for “steering” us all in the right direction! I really like your “stile ” had me udderly in stitches. think you really took the bull by the horns on this one, other bloggers better mooove over! Dairy I say your other posts hooven’t been so black and white. I’ll see you later, gotta hoof it outa here.

  3. Caroline would LOVE a PINK cow eraser! We have erasers that are cupcakes, laptops, hot dogs, hamburgers (post cow, I guess you could say), cars, buses, santas, flowers, peace signs, bunnies, doggies, squares, circles, triangles, pumpkins, reindeer, pears, pigs, butterflies, oranges, tulips, dolphins, helicopters, bears, smileys, hearts, even cell phones…but NO cow! I guess they’ve never sold cow erasers in the school store (she’d rather buy an eraser than buy a milk to go with her lunch)! And, Caroline is a cow lover…she refuses to eat beef. (That was the best part of my day…reading your cute post and looking through Caroline’s erasers! Thanks, Marla!)

      1. She will be so excited! Thank you! I am sure it will become the new eraser of choice. (Did you know the kids collect them, but never use them to erase? Shaking my head!)

  4. BLACK! Black cow, please. Why do I need a black cow? Because Spook said *he* needs it. And understand, one doesn’t question why Spook needs anything. Well, one can, and sometimes one does, but you should know that the conversation never turns out well. My guess is that he’s misjudged (as he often does) the size of said cow and wants it to ride around the house on. He said it has to be the black one because it matches his eye-abysses (he’s surprisingly uptight about his “look”). Once he sees how big the cow is, he will 1) have a cow, and then 2) abandon the cow. The cow will then live on my window sill, next to my desk. If he’s lucky, in the spring, I’ll move him out to the barn.

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