Kids Giveaway: Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley the Bernese Mountain Dog!

Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dog
Win the stuffed animal version of Bentley, a signed copy of his book and a tote bag from a great, indie bookstore!

Win Bentley the Bernese Mountain dog, his book, Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley (signed by both the author, Janet Myers, and Bentley the dog, with his giant pawprint in the back). You also get a great tote bag from Village Lights Books, the indie bookstore where I met Bentley!

Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dogI am so excited to give this one away. Who wouldn’t want to give this adorable stuffed dog and accompanying book as a gift!?

Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dog
Part of the giveaway includes this great totebag from indie bookstore, Village Lights

And yes…I am going to Priority Mail this, so if you’re in the U.S., it will arrive in time for Christmas.

Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dogI’ve already had a few posts about Madison, Indiana’s Chautauqua Festival. There was the one with Granny’s Knits and Gifts and her endless scarves, and about my latest culinary delights at 605 Grille, and of course there is the beautiful handmade journal from Re-Imagined that I’m currently giving away.

Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dog

But I was saving this one for my holiday giveaway days because I just know somebody’s going to be very excited to get Bentley and his book right now.

Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dog

Two of the other cool vendors I ran into during Chautauqua were Bridges for Animals and the Jefferson County Animal Shelter. I wanted to incorporate them financially into this contest. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an easy online way for you to donate to the Animal Shelter, and the link to donate on Bridges for Animals via Chipin has ended, so I couldn’t find an easy online way to donate to either organization.

Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dog
Bridges for Animals. I love these guys!

I’m sorry about that guys, because I wanted to make donations to those two specific places part of this contest. I hope you’ll consider going the old-fashioned route and sending them a check on your own though!

Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dog
Spay. Neuter. Spay. Neuter. Spay. Neuter. Adopt 🙂
Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley therapy dog Bernese mountain dog
Puppy love. Our Baxie is a rescue doggie. I can’t recommend enough to support organizations like these!

GUIDELINES TO WIN THE SIGNED BOOK, STUFFED BENTLEY DOG AND TOTE BAG: I thought it would be nice to show a little love for animals with this contest, so here is how you can enter to win.

3 ways to enter!

Option 1 = Donate to any animal welfare organization of your choice. Donations must be made between December 13-17th and be your individual donation, with your name showing on the receipt. 1 entry per dollar donated!   (I need proof of donation, so email me a copy of your receipt for donation to marla at marlsinkdruzgal dot com)

Option 2 = Share this Facebook post so more people can find out about Bentley. (Make sure you tell me you shared it so I don’t miss it!)

Option 3 = Comment below telling me your favorite animal stories, or about the animal organizations you care about.




Good luck!

Love, Marla

P.S. Don’t miss out on the other free things I’m giving away right now. Go back through the posts from the last five days or go to the Contest Page for details.

13 thoughts on “Kids Giveaway: Booboos, Band-aids and Bentley the Bernese Mountain Dog!

  1. While its hard to choose just one animal organization that I love (because lets face it, any organization fighting for them gets my vote!) one that is close to my heart would be Husky Haven of LA. As you know, Koa has been such a huge part it our family and this is how I got started working w this rescue. While there are volunteers that help, it is for the most part a one woman show and that woman does everything she physicaly and mentally can for those dogs. On a daily basis she gets calls about huskies in shelters that need out. Not all the dogs she pulls out are healthy but a lot are sick and she still pulls them to give them a second shot on life. Just this morning she pulled a mother and her 8 new born puppies from the shelter. Even knowing the stress and responsibly of what it is to raise a litter of puppies. For the healthy dogs in need of loving homes and for the sick dogs that get the attention and love someone may have given up on… This is why her organization is close to me.

  2. My favorite animal story was watching my sister Marla trying to drown herself in the clarion river while encouraging both of my labradors and one of her own to swim up the rapids! What a great day, wish I knew where those pictures were! Another great visual for you to share with all your readers is watching you “humping” your own dog to get him to stop being so dominant!!! Hahaha if only I had video to share! 😉

    1. Ha. I need to make sure I keep cameras and camcorders out of your hands. Besides, your stories are animated enough! Ha. I wrote an essay about dog-mounting. Reminds me I need to polish it up and send it out.

    1. Thanks! Oh I’m so glad you stopped by! Doggy’s Style is one of my FAVORITE blogs. I love how kind he is to the animals, and he’s hilarious! You have one entry in the contest! 😀

  3. I have six grandchildren who would love this book, so it would be a great addition to grammy’s bookshelf. Our 20 pound cat came from Orphans of the Storm in Kittanning 11 years ago as a 6 week old kitten. I think rescued animals are so grateful to have a home that they are the greatest addition to any family. Plus, the Bernese Mountain Dog is my dream pet , I’ve always wanted one and this is probably the best version to have – stuffed!

    1. Thanks for entering, Mona! I also saw that you shared the post on Facebook. Cool! Orphans of the Storm huh? That’s wonderful! I have always wanted a Bernese Mtn dog also. When we adopted Baxter I saw that one of the animal shelters nearby had a litter of puppies that were half Berner/half Lab. They had pictures and they looked like their face shapes were lab but with the big brown eyebrows. I knew they would go fast, and we were determined to adopt a dog in the 1-3 year age range when people give them up so quickly, and of course I’ll never regret having Baxter, but boy I wish I could have talked Kurt into two… 🙂

  4. Marla,

    I wanted to participate on yesterday’s giveaway but I suck at limericks, believe I had your post open for the longest time trying to come up with something but it was not happening.
    I’ll share this on Facebook and gonna add it to my post today. I don’t have any kids, but I can get people to help animals in need that’s all good.

    1. Yay! I’ve been missing your comments. So glad you came by and thank you so much for linking to this. I saw one of your readers dropped by.
      Hey, and please email me your address privately so I can send you a Traveling Marla postcard. I never got yours from Morocco but I want to send you one of these, because they’re pretty neat. You can email it to marla at marlasinkdruzgal dot com Thanks again! 😀

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