Weekly Photo Challenge (Big): Hue’s Imperial City

Traveling Marla Hue Viet Nam
Traveling Marla Hue Viet Nam

One of the gates of the Imperial City in Huế Việt Nam

There was never a moment within the crumbling walls of the Forbidden Imperial City in Huế (Việt Nam) that I didn’t feel small. Bigger than the architecture was the weight of history (of the city and the country) in which I was traveling.

Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend.

Love, Marla

6 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Big): Hue’s Imperial City

  1. Marla, I am so thankful we met at Madison – you are an incredible lady and I love reading the blogs. Take care, have fun and keep writing!! And, thank you for the nice things you said about the endless scarves and me. I look forward to more of your writings and hopefully, meeting you again in person. Love, Norma

    • Thanks, er, should I call you “child?” I received a very strange and hilarious postcard today which I’m only guessing might be you because you gave me a heads up on your funny cards. I’m sure the postman thought it was crazy!


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