The Hue of You: Manuscript Monday

travel Vietnam

I saw I picked up some new followers recently. Welcome and thanks. I hope you enjoy the travel photos and random musings. Mondays I try to talk a little about my writing. Today’s post was inspired by a weekly photo challenge that WordPress created. Previously we’ve discussed defining moments, and you all blew me away […]

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The Grumpy Peace Sign of the Little Girl in Red Boots

Đà Nẵng Việt Nam Vietnamese Bodhisatva of Mercy Son Tra Peninsula

I’m working on a few deadlines this week, so I’m probably going to be brief with my posts. But hopefully I can give you enough to think about in a photo. One of the things I’m writing about (offline) today is my travel writing tour of Việt Nam, and in particular, about this little girl. […]

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Green: Riding Bikes in the Viet Nam Countryside (Weekly Photo Challenge)

central Vietnam bicycle riding

1. Oops! Did you forget? You have less than 12 hours to enter to win a special hardcover edition of Stardust. signed by Neil Gaiman!! 2. The two things that came to my mind worked perfectly for this week’s photo challenge on the word “green.” I thought of “green” as in environmentalism and “green” as […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Big): Hue’s Imperial City

Traveling Marla Hue Viet Nam

There was never a moment within the crumbling walls of the Forbidden Imperial City in Huế (Việt Nam) that I didn’t feel small. Bigger than the architecture was the weight of history (of the city and the country) in which I was traveling. Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend. Love, Marla

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Monkey balls, hedgeapples, spiders, and Wooly Mammoth scat

osage orange hedge apple monkey ball woolly mammoth scat

Can you call anything as large as wooly mammoth dung “scat?” I don’t know, but I’ve taken the liberty anyway. I don’t think they’ll have any mammoth scat listed Robson’s Who Pooped in the Park? series for kids, books geared to engage junior “rangers” through matching the crap with the animal. There are different editions […]

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A Taste of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) / Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh (Sài Gòn)

In south Việt Nam I wandered the early morning streets of Hồ Chí Minh City. I was searching for a rooster but ended up finding breakfast:

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Random cyber observations: Corporal Punishment and Sea Swallows

How in the heck do we stay on track in 2012 America? We have access to pretty much anything we want to know via the internet, and I want to know everything. Sometimes I think I need blinders, especially when I sign on to Facebook. Otherwise, that wondrous time-suck evaporates a quarter of my day […]

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Dear Reader… I Promise to Always Share my Dorky Adventures

Traveling Marla

Dear Reader, This blog is a thank you to a friend, for giving me a kick in the pants and a lesson in what matters—to you, and to me. This is for you, “M,” for your kind words and your constant belief that I bring something more than just meaningless babble.

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Paparazza Marla and Vietnamese Talking Bird

I know – you’re just here for the bird, but before you get the dessert, you’re stuck with the vegetables. In this case, another of my “issues.” Enjoy (or, skip – that works too). Most people who travel with me will tell you that I can get pretty annoying when it comes to photography.

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Traveling with Mom and Dad in Viet Nam

Ashes of my late mother and father rest in a sealed locket around my neck. Each of their children and grandchildren has a locket. Some don’t wear it. Others, like me, wear it only when traveling to places my mom or dad never went. Mine is a butterfly, now a little worn and scuffed. It […]

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