Thankful: My Husband, My Best Friend, My Patron of the Arts. (Weekly Photo Challenge)

The day after Thanksgiving, WordPress issued a photo challenge on the word “thankful.” Here is my response. What I am thankful for, more than anything else, is my husband and his belief in me. Kurt makes me a better person. He loves me unconditionally. He’s been my best friend since we began dating in the […]

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Green: Riding Bikes in the Viet Nam Countryside (Weekly Photo Challenge)

central Vietnam bicycle riding

1. Oops! Did you forget? You have less than 12 hours to enter to win a special hardcover edition of Stardust. signed by Neil Gaiman!! 2. The two things that came to my mind worked perfectly for this week’s photo challenge on the word “green.” I thought of “green” as in environmentalism and “green” as […]

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Geometry (and the Quadrivium): Weekly Photo Challenge

Vietnam prayer card coil cone incense

I’m avoiding thinking about the results of today’s election and focusing on how some days WordPress bores me. Thus it was when they gave out this week’s photo challenge: “Geometry.” My first thought was how boring basic geometrical shapes are. My second thought was that I hated that subject in school. I was an A+ […]

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Foreign (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Hội An Việt Nam Pagoda Bridge Cầu Chùa

This week’s challenge from WordPress is on the word “Foreign.” It would be easy to just put up any of thousands of location photos I’ve taken, because anything not familiar is foreign. But what the word made me think of first was about Việt Nam and how many times that little country was occupied by other […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Việt Nam Hội An Sông Thu Bồn River

WordPress is challenging bloggers (good God, am I a blogger? When did that happen?) to post a Silhouette Photo this week. The first one that came to mind is this photo with my friend Janice on a Travel Writing tour of Việt Nam in May. Wide awake at 4:30 a.m. on our first day in the […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge (Big): Hue’s Imperial City

Traveling Marla Hue Viet Nam

There was never a moment within the crumbling walls of the Forbidden Imperial City in Huế (Việt Nam) that I didn’t feel small. Bigger than the architecture was the weight of history (of the city and the country) in which I was traveling. Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend. Love, Marla

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