The Pee Poem

flat stanley

Did you figure out where we’re going yet? I’m giving the final clues in today’s post. The following map is one:

flat stanley

Whatever could be located here?

I’m also announcing the winner of the last contest for creating another special Flat Stanley.

Congratulations to Leo R, of WalktoRio2016, who won the contest with this memorable entry:

Morning Dew

I woke up wanting to pee 
Stretched my body 
Opened the door, dog jumped on me
Saw a cherry blossom in all its glory 

Zipper down, free ran the morning dew
A yawn welcomes the day and I feel anew 


Leo will have a specialized “Flat Stanley” version of himself made, which will be taken with us on our upcoming vacation to… The Smoke that Thunders?

Did you guess it? The first five people to guess correctly in the comments below will receive a postcard from our destination!

Love, Marla

14 Comments on “The Pee Poem

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  2. I’m so envious you are going to Victoria Falls, but hey! I’m going too.
    I recently watched a documentary about the falls and “The Smoke that Thunders” was a recurrent line.

  3. Yay!!!
    You made my day!
    It was the first thing I read this morning, couldn’t believe it.
    Better than this just the Nobel Prize but since they are snobs I know I’ll never get it.
    I’ll send you a selfie today.

  4. Shoot, I had meant to send you a water poem! Alas, procrastination strikes again.

    My guess, solely from looking at a map (and resisting the Google, though it’s hard) is the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana.

      • No to all of the above. But man, I LOVE that you enjoy playing the guessing game without Googling. It’s one of my favorite things about our family. I will go dig through atlases and other reference materials I can find before I do the quick find on Google. It’s so much more fun!

        My hints might have been to obscure for old-fashioned searching though.

        Would you like another hint?

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