Come With Me to Botswana?

We’re going to try our hand at real bush camping, in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. No fences. No bathrooms. No showers. Just a couple crazy Americans and a shovel to dig a loo.

Want to come?

You might die.

You might get eaten. If you notice today’s featured image, my nephew, “Flat Brandon” may or may not have met his end whilst being played with by a cheetah.

Africa travel contest flat stanley
“Flat Brandon” may or may not have met his end with this cheetah.

We’ll try to keep your flat traveler alive through the whole trip, but we promise if you die, we’ll take some great photographs! We’ll try to get snaps of you with iconic places, or wild animals…from a safe distance…unless a hyena carts you off…things happen…

TO ENTER, please do BOTH of the following:

1) Create a Flat Traveler version of yourself (you can download a template by clicking here, or you can put your head on top of an African animal. It’s all good!) Email it to me ( or message it to me on Facebook or post in comments below.

2) Share the Traveling MarLa Facebook Page, or if you don’t have Facebook, share this website by either pinning today’s blog to Pinterest, emailing a link to someone you think would like to follow my travelings and writing, or re-tweeting today’s post.

Deadline = MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY. I’ll announce the winner on Thursday and print you out in full color, seal you up in a laminator, cut you out, and take you to Botswana, taking nice, crazy photos of you like the wonderful people who won the Victoria Falls trip (see slideshow below).

Happy Monday, readers. Hope you have a great week!

Love, MarLa

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