The First Time You Drive Through a Tree…

If you’re anything like me, the first time you encounter a giant redwood tree, you’ll realize just how small you are, how young you are, and how your idea of “majestic” has suddenly changed.

Because that tree, which is thousands of years old, is really something special. Our first drive-through tree was the Chandelier Tree, in Leggett, California.

travel America redwood forest drive through trees
Look closely at the base of the tree where you will see the drive-through tunnel. That’s me in the front left of the photo. Tall tree, indeed!

I have now driven through two drive-through trees in the Pacific Northwest. (I believe there are only three drive-through giants existing there now.)

travel America redwood forest drive through trees
Our old Elantra, “Larry”, with Kurt driving him through Chandelier Tree. This was part of an “epic” road trip we took driving up Highway One and camping among the redwoods.

Have you had the opportunity to see American redwood trees firsthand?

travel America redwood forest drive through trees
Baxter poses with a fallen section of redwood tree.

If you live in the states, seriously pack your car and get out there. If you don’t live in the states, drop me an email and I’ll tell you all my favorite drives through the trees, where to camp, and when to go. But make sure you rent a car, because driving through one of these giants is a must on any tour of the Pacific Northwest.

travel America redwood forest drive through trees
All of the redwood drive-through trees are privately owned, and each has its own kitschy charm.

One tree I will never get to drive through was a giant sequoia named “Wawona.” It was in Yosemite National Park and fell in 1969 (waaaaaaaaay before I was born. Ahem.) If you had the opportunity to drive through “Wawona” I’d love to see your photos!

Happy over-the-hump day, friends.

Love, Marla

3 thoughts on “The First Time You Drive Through a Tree…

  1. I have been there! I have family that lives in the San Jose area. I was a young teen. I really dont remember exactly what year, but Kriss Kross was popular. (I remember me and my cousin turning our clothes backwards and dancing to the song…. Lol.)

    We saw the redwoods, went to Yosemite National Park, the adults took a trip to the garlic festival, and we visited San Francisco walking through China town there and saw the golden gate bridge. One trip to the beach with wetsuits and boogie boards. 🙂 my mom probably has all those pics.

    1. Oh also drove past the vineyards, but I think my parents and aunt and uncle actually did wine tasting tours at a few! Lol

  2. Never done that, sis! Have to talk the “missus” into a Wash. Oreg. Cali. trip one of these summers! Been a while since we’ve gone west.

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