Three Dog Nights With Only One Dog and a Cat

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While we wait for the contractor to tell us when he can dig a new gas pipeline from the road to the house, I am working on keeping my mood from getting too sour by reading and spending more quality time with my “fur blankets.” I did weights and interval training with my Trainer today, then enjoyed the first hot shower since arriving back in PA last Thursday. (With the drain broken on our tub and the only hot water from an electric teakettle and a hotplate which also needs to cook food, I can’t even fill the tub so it’s sponge baths for me!) With only a space heater in the bedroom and bathroom, I bundle up and crawl in bed to read, write and use my laptop. This “no heat, no stove, no hot water, no dryer” thing has gotten me grumpy a few times but I just keep reminding myself that I do this on purpose when we go camping. Some parks, like the Great Smokies, don’t have showers. We camped there for a week with no showers and it was great. Granted, it wasn’t freezing outside, but still. These are first world problems and I can’t wait to someday say “Aww that ain’t nothin…this one time, back in Ought Thirteen, I went without heat and hot water and oven and dryer for two weeks and I did fine. So shut yer bellyachin and suck it up, Buttercup!” (Apparently my old woman voice sounds suspiciously like an old man living in the 1950s:) All the heat I need is in your warm words anyway, friends. Love, Marla P.S. I weighed in at the gym today: LOST another half pound!

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  1. Here in southern Spain heater is not common, old buildings made to withstand the extremely high temperatures during summer, so you can imagine how cold it gets during winter. Taking a shower is only for the brave, needless to say that everything shrinks lol

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