The Snowman of Dubai

Sounds like he should be some sort of secret agent man, this “Snowman of Dubai.” Actually he’s simply a snowman, built by some fun visitors at Ski Dubai. This indoor snow park is located inside one of the largest malls in the world, The Mall of the Emirates.

We spent last Christmas in Dubai, and I wanted to share this adorable snowman with you for the holiday season this year.

travel Ski Dubai UAE
The snowman at Ski Dubai had Dirham coins for eyes, a traditional guthra headscarf as well as a neck scarf, and maybe those Red Bull arms really do give him wings.
travel Ski Dubai UAE
It was good packing snow. The snowman had just finished being made when we walked up. He hadn’t been there on our first pass through, and we were excited to have a photo with him (and Flat Brandon, of course!)

How cool was this little guy for a themed snowman? Have you seen any unusual snowmen this year? Share a pic with me!

Love, Marla