Winning a Penguin… in My Lucky Hat

Okay, so I didn’t win the penguin itself, but there were penguins involved!

Last Christmas, as I mentioned yesterday, we spent the day at Ski Dubai.

Well, that funky wonderland, Ski Dubai, has a penguin show, and they give away penguin art at the end of their show. The art is actually made by the penguins, who walk in paint and then walk across a canvas. It’s kinda’ cool.

travel Dubai UAE Ski
Penguin Encounter at Ski Dubai

Thanks to my friend, Aussie-Brit Claire (not to be mistaken for South African Claire, who I’ve mentioned in other posts), I was wearing an awesome, knitted animal hat. She had given it to me as an early holiday gift, knowing how much I wanted one.

travel Dubai UAE Ski
Flat Brandon enjoying the penguin encounter at Ski Dubai

That wonderful, goofy hat won me penguin art. The host of the penguin show, after getting us all to hoot and holler our love for the show at the end of the program, told me that any adult brave enough to wear my hat deserved a prize.

Aww, gee.

travel Dubai UAE Ski
Penguin art.

Kurt is working on this beautiful, sunny, Christmas Eve here in South Africa, and I’m slowly recovering from my latest game of host-the-pathogens.

Happy Festive Season, dear readers, wherever you are, and however you celebrate.

Love, Marla

3 thoughts on “Winning a Penguin… in My Lucky Hat

  1. I happen to think the hat is pretty cool…your grand-neices would think it Awesome!!
    Merry Christmas li’l sis! Love and miss you guys!

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