What’s Your Ride?

Baz has Landys, Ingrid has her RV, Doggy has his running shoes.

And Traveling Marla has her Jeeps.

Yup. You might have guessed it wouldn’t be long before I needed to add a 4wd to our South African adventures. Thanks to my friend, SA Claire (and her SA connections) we are buying a nice used Cherokee Country SUV that we can use to play in the dirt. If you’ve been following my travels in Africa, you know I don’t have to go very far before finding many places without roads, or roads that simply demolish our company-provided Toyota Corolla.

travel Africa

He has yet to be named, this South African Jeep of mine. We still have our beloved “Henry” when we return to the states, but this new off-roader has yet to be christened. All suggestions welcome, as well as suggestions for where you think we should take him on his inaugural adventure.

Love, Marla

5 thoughts on “What’s Your Ride?

  1. Ha! I just saw this. Somehow my blog didn’t tell I was linked to this post.
    I wouldn’t mind having a Jeep either, as a matter of fact I love those cars. Problem is, I’m a terrible driver, I haven’t driven since I got my license, I don’t like it.
    And then the price of gas in Spain is ridiculous, I’ll keep wearing my shoes and riding my bike off the road and envying those who own jeeps.

  2. I think you should name him “Freddy” and inaugurate him in “The Kruger”… surely the RSA can handle a “Freddy Kruger”

  3. “Harry.” Not after Dirty Harry, the Clint Eastwood character – although the action is good for your Jeep, but not the violence part. Actually I was thinking of Harry the Dirty Dog – a beloved children’s book about the dog who doesn’t ever want to have a bath. I think your new Jeep might like dirt a lot.

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